Album listening party in Milan, Italy 25/7/2012

July 2012 I was lucky to be in Milan and take part to the special The Origin Of Love album listening party Mika organised to his fans. None of us knew what was going to happen in advance and we found out the exact time and place only night before. I don’t need to explain how much I appreciated being there. We didn’t know if Mika was going to be there, just hearing his new songs felt special enough. The listening party was organized at a little club that looked like a small gallery. The place was unique, everything was cozy and intimate, there was a festive table full of colourful fruits and snacks and our group was much smaller than I had expected. Imagine how we all felt when we arrived to the gallery and Mika came into the room and told we would hear the latest version of the album – not totally finished that time – from his own laptop, played and explained by him. It was such a special moment, one of those moments you never expect to happen for real and whenever I think of The Origin Of Love as an album I think of that lovely day in Milan.

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