Adelphi Theatre in London, UK 18/10/2015

The theatre was small and intimate. I had a great spot near the stage and was happy to see that my family at the dress circle had also a good view. The Citizens opened and this was the last possibility to see them before the tour was over. Then it was time for Mika and everything was absolutely perfect. Definitely one of the most special shows I’ve ever experienced.

I felt so much love during the whole night. Mika looked beautiful. He was wearing his firework Valentino with stunning shiny details and I noticed the outfit looked already a bit messy after dancing and jumping. Only Mika can make his gorgeous Valentino suit look messy that quickly and I loved him even more for that. I like messy. Tidy, polished looks are more suitable for symphony concerts.

I also thought he looks like a proper adult. So much older than in the beginning of his career and it means I’ve been there long enough to see him aging. What an amazing thought. I love seeing people aging and men always get older so beautifully. I felt more love for that too and thought he is a lucky man. He can look messy and older and it makes people love him even more. I had assumed he is nervous to perform in London but couldn’t see many signs of that.

Every song was somehow special with new arrangements, tones and details. I sometimes watch big, important events like shows in Paris or Milan from an outsider’s point of view. I feel enjoyment but also commitment and responsibility to see events that are important for Mika’s career. Smaller ones like this one at Adelphi are pure selfish pleasure. They make me so happy the world around the venue could collapse and I wouldn’t notice. Maybe it did, I can’t tell. I enjoyed every moment so much I can’t express it.

I was prepared he might not do any French songs in London but he did Boum Boum Boum with the intro and it was exactly how I love it, funny but still focused on the song. Good Guys was incredibly lovely and sweet. The song wasn’t originally one of my favourites but this more gentle version definitely is. Over My Shoulder was breathtaking, I love it every time, it’s such a beautiful classic! Promiseland was fantastic – a proper highlight – and got that fabulous response it deserves. Finally heard the dance version of Hurts, so happy to hear it live. Happy Ending with a cappella ending made me a bit nervous but was absolutely stunning and Last Party was once again my biggest personal favorite.

The whole event was absolutely precious. I must have looked silly smiling through the whole gig but everyone else looked equally happy so I didn’t let that bother. So much love in the air in that little theatre.

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