The days we are living. Sigh, I have no words. I miss seeing Mika on stage but at least I can listen to his music at home. It keeps me going. There’s a suitable Mika song for every possible mood and I listed below some of my current favorites.

I’m trying to avoid overly sad songs to keep my spirit high but some days a miserable mood is asking for a miserable song. There are so many sad Mika songs to choose. My latest favorites have included Rain, Good Wife and even Lonely Alcoholic. For Rain I prefer slower, acoustic versions. The lyrics are depressing in a lovely way if I can use that expression and I enjoy listening to them. “This ordinary mind is broken, you did it and you don’t even know…” Good Wife has a more cheerful melody but the whole story is incredibly sad. “You’ll never, you’ll never know the good life…” Lonely Alcoholic whines: “Baby, don’t leave me alone…”

Some energetic songs are perfect for releasing stress and anxious mood. Ring Ring is one of my most played songs on Spotify. Surprising? I don’t think so. Ring Ring is one of my early favorites and I always listen to it several times in row. It makes me feel physically good and strong and takes the anxiousness away. I listen to acoustic Grace Kelly for the same reason, it’s unbelievably satisfying to hear Mika hitting his piano or even better, to watch a video of him doing that. A little bit similar effect comes from the screaming part of I Went To Hell Last Night and the live version of Century Man and I’ve currently played those two as well. Even though I rarely listen to Love Today at home I’ve been watching the Parc des Princes (Paris 2008) and Radio Italia Live (Palermo 2019) performances for their very particular energy. The PDP version has obviously also amazing show elements!

My most played songs at home are always the most comforting songs like acoustic Relax and Tiny Love, Tiny Love often with the beautiful video. Those both songs fill my heart with love and these days that’s the best way to feel. I need to feel that love in my heart. Relax and Tiny Love are songs I feel very strongly in my whole body and another song to add to that list is Sound Of An Orchestra. That one was made for a soundtrack so I have no gig memories of it but I love listening to it at home. Blue is the most calming song for me and I breath accordingly as soon as the song starts. It works like magic, not many things in the world can calm me down the way Blue can.

The best songs to listen to during these particularly challenging times are the symphony songs. I listen to symphonic versions of Relax, Underwater, Over My Shoulder, Last Party, Heroes, Any Other World or Happy Ending and my whole perspective changes. I see the world in a different way. These songs songs are not about me or you or any individual on everyday level but something bigger. The themes are on a different scale, about life, death, universal love and the whole humankind. Suddenly I understand I’m safely at my home. There are much bigger issues than mine, my personal problems are small.

Despite of this self-isolation I’ve been trying to keep my weekly routines. On Fridays I listen to my Friday songs: Boum Boum Boum, gig versions of Tomorrow and Stay High. Tomorrow is such an irresistible song, so sweet and lovely, and I especially love gig performances with beautiful golden lights. Listening to Stay High, both the album version and my own video clips, makes me in a good mood. I can still remember how I waited the moment at gigs like a surfer waits the wave. To feel alive. It’s a lifestyle. People send me messages asking how I can do things I do and not sure what to tell them. How can I not to.

If interested in live versions for some songs I mentioned, check out my Instagram account. I’m posting my favorite older clips almost on daily basis. The books in the picture are Korean magazine editions and the Songs For Sorrow book opened for Lonely Alcoholic pages, so cute and sad at the same time. Stay safe, everyone. Sending love xxx