The gig on Thursday in Melbourne was the last gig of the Australian Tour. What a huge success this small tour was and in this connection I don’t refer to the amount of sold out shows even though each of these small venues seemed full to me. There is much, much more related to it. I knew in advance this tour is something I surely want to see but I had no idea the vibe could be that special and mind-blowing. It was totally different than anything I had seen in ages.

That doesn’t mean that the previous European shows were not successful in their own way. The big Revelation Tour went extremely well. It’s not easy to sell arena venues and offer people a show that is a full emotional experience. Creating the concept, designing the stage, adding the final details, it was all well done and we saw a show that wasn’t a basic concert but something much more. I enjoyed the big Revelation show and wanted to see it again and again. I loved it how personal it was and how many emotions it created and I admired how everything was done is such a lonely way, symbolizing how alone each of us eventually is, pointing out how important it is to show love to people when they are there.

The small shows in Australia were amazing in a totally different way. The people I met and who created the atmosphere were not there because of marketing or promotional efforts. There was practically no marketing or promotion in Australia until the tour at all. People were there because they had years ago discovered music that had an impact on their life. Music that helped them grow as people and reflected their own thoughts and was something so powerful they couldn’t forget it. They waited more than 10 years to see this artist on stage. They came because they live and breath the message behind Mika’s music and wanted to celebrate it listening and watching him, dancing, singing and gathering together.

There were colors of tolerance both in the audience and on stage. The venues were absorbed with love and acceptance. The crowd received it in the music and gave it back reacting so there was an ongoing interaction during each of these gigs. Not only as a direct talk between Mika and the audience even though that happened as well but also in other ways. People could feel the music in their bodies, they reacted dancing, jumping, singing, screaming and the music got stronger and stronger, there was an amazing amount of energy moving both directions. The louder the crowd became, the wider was also the smile on Mika’s face, it was easy to see how much he enjoyed.

While watching it I thought it’s all about interaction like that. Interaction is why I enjoyed the supporting act Chela who was on stage with her dancer. The girls looked at and smiled to each other and to the audience and in a small venue it was easy to see it. They had a lot of physical contact and it was obviously a part of the choreography but so professionally done that it looked spontaneous. Interaction is why I enjoyed watching Mika with his band members. I enjoyed watching their looks, moves, gestures. Interaction is why I enjoyed paying attention to the audience. There was a lot of love and warmth in the air, even more than there usually is. The audience had stored it for years and waited for this moment to show it and the way it finally happened was extraordinary.

The set list was quite basic and similar every night and it was good that way. I love knowing other people’s favorite songs and in Melbourne I was between Cynthia and Iona and as I know that Cynthia likes Tomorrow and We Are Golden I waited for those songs for her. I had heard before the show the boys next to Iona love Origin so I looked at them the moment the song started just to see their smiles.

For myself Melbourne had so many favorites it’s hard to list them. After the two previous shows I looked forward to Melbourne so much I couldn’t wait for Ice Cream to start the gig. Mika came on stage in darker blue looking slim and even more elegant than previous nights. I loved the introduction we heard for Jealousy and used a moment to think how lucky for us he felt that way and focused on making music again. I filmed Platform Ballerinas because I collect different performances of it as clips. The wonderful performance with the queen in Brisbane was a dream come true – that’s how my mind sees the song – and after that I’ve enjoyed this song even more than I earlier did.

Paloma was one of most important moments as it always is and I loved seeing how the reception for it started to evolve. In Sydney I felt the audience was not focusing on it but in Melbourne there already was a small change and people started to show lights in their mobiles and it was a lovely moment even though the song is still new. I find this song incredible. It’s unbelievable that something that must have been so painful can be transformed to something so beautiful and hearing the song is equally amazing every single time. Definitely one of the most meaningful songs on the album.

Underwater is always a moment that makes my traveling worthwhile. It’s somehow so perfect. It never fails, it’s a fundamental song on the set list. In Melbourne we saw a beautiful performance once again and I did as I always do, put down everything, had no camera or mobile in my hands, breathed, calmed down and focused on listening. Underwater is one my favorite songs to listen to Mika’s voice. I love the singing and I love the drums in the song. The Melbourne audience was as loud as a small audience can be.

I took photos here and there, mostly just keeping the camera occasionally in my hand and randomly pushing the button, missing most really well lighted moments. It was more important to focus on the performance and observe what happened around me. There was some cool posing I didn’t catch but there will always be more.

During Love Today I closed my eyes and realized I must have grown as a person. It’s not easy for me to surrender for the moment. When Mika during the past tours used to tell the audience to close their eyes during the song I never did. I wanted to be alerted. Now I closed my eyes without being told to do so. It wasn’t only Love Today of the Life In Cartoon Motion songs I enjoyed. I enjoyed them all. After so many years this tour has helped me to rediscover those old classics. Big Girl, Lollipop, Grace Kelly.

Mika gave so much energy on stage he must have been physically exhausted when it was all over. It’s hard to put in words how special it all was. To hear this collections of songs from the beginning of his career and from these days in this context, seeing the images of his parents on the background, feeling the energy of the people that had waited for so long to finally have him in front of them. A lot of touching elements and many genuine emotions, on everyone’s – also his – face.

Melbourne was the last show of the tour so obviously I didn’t want it to end but felt satisfied and happy when it did. The tour couldn’t have ended any better way. The last moment with wild dance with the rainbow flag in the end looked iconic. Such good moments. I’m surprised if Mika won’t be back in Australia for more shows at some point and I hope this experience reminds him of how important it is to continue making music that tells a meaningful message and then perform it in a way that creates genuine interaction with people. The result is what we saw at these gigs.

It did so good for me to see this tour. It was a long way to travel but I feel my whole body and mind are cleaned and refreshed and filled with positive energy. Thank you everyone who was a part of the experience. X