A couple of pics and a very short summary after the third Utrecht gig. I really enjoyed these few days in Utrecht. I enjoyed Utrecht. I enjoyed it more than I’ve enjoyed Amsterdam when seen gigs there and I found the place cozy and the vibes good. I enjoyed the cool, super comfortable venue. I loved the whole concept of Mika having a “residency” at a place like tivoliVredenburg and us having a possibility to see him in similar circumstances several days in row.

He has been talking about a concept like this – staying at a theater style venue two or three weeks doing several special gigs – for years. I’ve always hoped it would happen one day and these three gigs in Utrecht were kind of a mini version of it. If the same happened in France or Italy a seated venue with a good view from everywhere would make things easier to everyone but in Netherlands this venue worked better than well.

I liked the idea that all of these three gigs were totally different. The set list was different each night. On the third night Mika skipped Platform Ballerinas and Paloma and added Blue and Billy Brown. During the gig I couldn’t see that consistent the same way as the changes on Monday and Wednesday when the mood was clearly directed first to focused and serious and then to more relaxed and cheerful but when I think of it now I can see those songs replacing each other.

Both Blue and Underwater were particularly beautiful last night. Happy Ending got a lighter final part than it usually does when Mika and Tim had a small funny guitar playing session. The audience followed instructions to join during Relax and Underwater and sang along spontaneously during several songs like Popular or Happy Ending.

The atmosphere on Thursday was different than on Monday or Wednesday as well. Last night the mood was unexpectedly sharp. The chatting was “jokingly” witty and usually I love Mika’s wittiness but this time he didn’t sound purely joking and his tone made me think he wasn’t totally happy and after the gig I didn’t feel good the same way I did after the two previous gigs. Many people around me seemed to find the night really funny though and obviously the whole idea is to see how it is and this time it was like that.

Utrecht was the end of the European leg of the Revelation Tour for me. In a couple of days I’m heading to the other side of the world. Excited and a little bit nervous about that. X