A small summary about the ending scene of the Revelation Tour show. I don’t think a short description can spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen the scene yet. Nothing you see or read in advance can make you feel what you feel when you finally experience it happening on stage in front of you.

The Revelation show is very emotional and watching it feels almost like watching a play created around Mika or following his personal story rather than just watching a regular concert. I guess the feeling comes from the setting with images and the little introductions before some songs.

The ending scene with three songs seems like closing words directed to the music industry, to his family and to the audience there that night. I have several favorite songs during the show and I’ve rarely felt as deep emotions as I feel during Underwater, Paloma or Tiny Love yet somehow I particularly look forward to the final part of the show. I know it means the night is ending but I still can’t wait the adrenaline going through me, the excitement and the whole colorful view. There’s something deeply satisfying in it.

When the show comes towards the end after We Are Golden Mika waves to the audience and disappears to change his outfit and to be back for the final three songs: Grace Kelly, Tiny Love Reprise and Stay High.

Grace Kelly is not on the list of my top three Mika songs. However, when I discovered Mika’s music in 2007 it was one of those three songs I listened to again and again. I was so in love with this artist I had just discovered that I wasn’t impressed only by his voice, I was also impressed by the way he pronounced English language and hit his piano. I kept watching the official Grace Kelly video just to see Mika saying the lyrics and acoustic videos to see him playing, there was something beautifully contrasting in him and I still like these elements in him.

Obviously it was the message in Grace Kelly that fascinated me most. There’s a (harmless) little anarchist in me. If someone tells me to do something it’s possible I will do the opposite and if someone says I can’t do something I will probably do it twice just to show I can. I found something so pleasing in this artist who so cheerfully showed his middle finger to the whole industry. It pleased that side of me, it was the attitude I was looking for. Grace Kelly is still the most famous Mika song and something that defines Mika as an artist and as someone who doesn’t want to fit in the format the music industry wants all young artists to fit in.

He’s not a young artist any more but he hasn’t lost that part of himself. MNIMH is not a typical mainstream album. This week it’s been exactly 13 years since Grace Kelly was released and it’s still as relevant as it was that time and even though I’ve seen giant colorful balloons many times during the years they have never looked as beautiful as they do now. There’s something amazingly symbolic in this beautiful, colorful scene and I can’t stop admiring it. It looks iconic.

It’s also been 10 years since Mika sang we are not what you think we are and I can hear a very similar vibe in MNIMH. I can almost hear him saying I am not who you think I am, you can’t know me because I don’t fully know myself, I’m in a process of finding out. And in Tiny Love he tells: My name is Michael Holbrook, I was born in 1983.

After Grace Kelly the balloons come down, if necessary they are brought down by someone from his team, the atmosphere calms down and it’s time for Tiny Love Reprise. On the album this song is partly performed by Mika’s mother and sister so in the end of the show I automatically think of his family and also feel Mika is trying to see his loved ones in the audience somewhere in the back of the venue. You take me high on a tiny love.

Then the vibe thickens and the rhythm becomes impossible to stop, it goes on and on, the giant red heart comes out of the pink piano and suddenly it’s all about staying high. Like you have never wanted or want anything else or at least that badly as staying high. This part is directed to the audience there that night, he often even mentions the city, and the crowd understands that and the whole venue seems to explode! I love this part and I love watching Mika up there in his colorful suit dancing in front of the big heart.

The adrenaline is flowing! It’s a short but important moment, not only to me but to the whole crowd, I can easily see it. The most touching or emotional song of the set? Probably Paloma, Tiny Love or Underwater. The most danceable song? That would be Dear Jealousy or Platform Ballerinas or Tomorrow. The part of the show I look forward to most because of excitement and adrenaline? That’s the ending scene and Grace Kelly with balloons, Tiny Love Reprise and Stay High.