Just a few quick words about the RTL2 pop-rock live show at Le Trianon in Paris on Friday. I booked my trip to Paris very last minute just day before the gig and it was worth it, it had a huge meaning to me to see Mika on stage on the album releasing day. I love the new album and this way the whole day was special and now I have a proper memory of it. Also, I love seeing these small venues in Montmartre, my favorite area in Paris.

We saw Clara Luciani and Boulevard des Airs before Mika and I really liked them both, a very good line-up and great atmosphere. Mika had 9 songs on the setlist which was an expected amount for a radio gig like this. No Tomorrow but I was happy to hear the other new songs and from old songs Underwater seems to regularly be my biggest favorite. Mika came on stage wearing a dark blue suit and his ruffle shirt and looked amazing! Simply amazing, he was such an elegant sight on stage.

The girls had printed welcome back signs to show Mika after the first song and I think he was pleased to see them. It’s so good to have him back making music and on stage. The audience was screaming so loudly I could hardly hear anything else but enjoyed being in the crowd. As already said, it had a special meaning to see Mika on stage that night. X