The Ace Hotel Theatre in downtown Los Angeles was fancy and quite unique as a venue. It was beautiful yet still probably my least favourite venue during the tour. First of all, there was no proper lighting so the stage seemed to be in the dark. Also, the stage continued as a large lower stage between the artist and the audience so even though I had a front row seat Mika and the band were much further away than at the other venues that we have seen so far.

The vibe during the show couldn’t be compared to the vibe during the other shows of the tour. Mika had a massive cold but that wasn’t a problem at all. I felt sorry for him because he had to perform not well but he sounded absolutely beautiful and managed to very well do even the most difficult songs like Blue and full Happy Ending. For me it looked it was the audience that wasn’t nearly as energetic as at the previous gigs and the whole system was a bit chaotic.

The concert was seated but during the show people tried to move in front and it wasn’t so easy to keep our seats. The venue sold tickets starting from the worst seats towards front rows so to get a good view I had to upgrade my seat several times and eventually my first row seat was quite expensive and it would have been nice to enjoy it people staying at their original places. The good thing was that the crowd stood up the moment the gig started and it was possible for everyone to dance and have fun and even jump if they felt like it.

I could hear the flu in Mika’s voice, it was warm that way and he shyly asked people to be kind before singing Blue because it’s a difficult song but there was no need for that, Blue was beautifully done and the audience seemed to very genuinely appreciate it, even though it’s new and even though it’s different and also more difficult to listen to.

Blue and Underwater were my personal favourites during the night, extremely beautiful and even more melancholic than they usually are. That might be related to my own feelings. I wasn’t in my most cheerful mood. It’s been a long trip and on Saturday I missed my family and spent my day sightseeing around Hollywood which, with all the stars living in their own, weird and separate world, is one of the saddest and most unnatural places I can imagine.

Tomorrow turned my mood beautifully and very quickly, the first notes made me smile already. All I wanted to do was to dance and enjoy. Every new song sounds live multiple times better than recorded. If you like the new songs, just wait you hear them performed live, they are incredible! The band is great and adds a lot of texture in every song which I personally enjoy and find very interesting. The end of the gig was highly energetic. I can’t catch what is said during the Stay High part, I wish I could, but I love how it ends the gig. I added small clips on my Instagram if anyone is interested.

On Friday I visited Santa Monica and Venice beaches and just walked for hours and really enjoyed my day. A few pics below.