Compared to the first show of the tour on Thursday the second Brooklyn night on Friday the 13th was different yet still equally amazing. This tour – small, cozy venues and the whole, somehow pure concept – is a dream come true and it’s hard to find suitable words to describe my exact feelings. On Friday the show was recorded to make a live album. I got the impression the main goal is to do an audio recording but cameras were filming as well and the distance between the audience and stage was made a bit bigger to have enough space for them to move around.

Recording the show inevitably meant Mika was partly singing to the cameras instead of the audience and there was less contact between him and the crowd. However, it also meant that during the night he gave all his energy and then some extra and was also careful and detailed with his singing so especially some particular songs were even better than on the first night. The cameras felt distracting in the beginning but I got used to them and was eventually so focused on Mika’s performing that after some point could hardly notice them even though was aware they were there. A lovely thought later to be able to get a live recording of one of these special shows.

The band arrived on stage and the gig started with the intro speech about love, invisible force and energy. Then Ice Cream as the opening song, Jealousy, a couple of older songs and Tiny Love. During the first songs I couldn’t focus the same way I did on the first night so I started to think about the songs, especially Tiny Love, more analytically.

Tiny Love is a song I can feel very strongly in my whole mind and body and most of the time I indeed like to focus on feeling it instead of analysing it too much. It’s not possible to know for sure what Mika exactly and originally means with different songs unless he talks about them, it’s not possible to see inside of his head. Like with every song I have my own interpretation.

Tiny Love has been a special song for me since the beginning and I like to connect it with music. I can’t see this song being about romantic love or about a mother-son relationship, the lyrics don’t fit and of all the other options my mind for some reason likes to make a connection with music. Music is one love in Mika’s life and if I look at the song from my own personal perspective his music is certainly something I love and what gets me high.

During Tiny Love cameras distracted my focusing and I kept thinking how different the live version is compared to the studio version. Less serious, more pop and more uplifting, something that literally gets the crowd high.

After a while it was easier to focus on music. I had several favourites during the night. Blue was extremely beautiful, even breathtaking. Partly because I now heard it for the second time and it started to open up, partly because the performance was so careful and focused it became especially stunning. I literally stopped breathing for a moment. Blue is obviously one of the songs I will be listening to at home, one of the songs that create their own, very special world.

Tomorrow was another, huge favourite on the second night. I love, love, love the mood in the song. It’s incredibly exact. It’s about doing something without thinking of the consequences at all, maybe knowing them but putting them aside. I can’t catch the full lyrics but I already love the song and will be listening to it a lot.

Mika was chatty and talked a lot. He talked about the colour of the sin and I enjoyed Origin also on this second night even more than I usually do. This time the most special classic Mika song was Happy Ending. Amazing performance and the audience went wild and probably wouldn’t have stopped cheering unless made to focus on the next song. Love Today was fresh and super energetic and during the song Mika took an embroidered jacket that the girl next to me offered to him and was wearing it on stage, a cool moment for the girl to remember.

We Are Golden, Grace Kelly. In the end of the show Tiny Love reprise and a reminder to stay high. Quite impossible not to do that. Still high. Adrenaline keeps me going. Montreal next. xxx