A few thoughts about the first Tiny Love Tiny Tour gig in NYC at Brooklyn Steel freshly after the show. Shortly, everything went as well as possibly could. If you ask me we could have seen Mika’s stunning figure better without the scarf he was wearing at the end of the gig but he used the scarf for his dancing so I can’t complain about that either. Seriously speaking, everything was perfect.

Mika came on stage after the supporting act (which I, btw, liked a lot) in his gorgeous red suit, ruffle shirt and curls like directly from my gig fantasies and started with Ice cream. It was like I had always dreamed Ice Cream to be, I can’t understand how they even got it so right. Dancing girls felt a faded memory that hardly even happened, Mika was the star and the mood for the song was exactly as it’s supposed to be. Ice Cream was a fantastic start for the gig.

We had managed to see the set list before the show started and it was full of new songs. So many of them that I doubted he would perform them all for real. He did every (new and old) song from the set list. Not only Ice Cream, Tiny Love, Sanremo and Dear Jealousy but also Blue, Tomorrow and Stay High. Maybe not the full Stay High because the part we heard said only “Stay High” but it was enough to give the gig a high energy ending.

Every new song was absolutely beautiful and I can already tell My Name Is Michael Holbrook will be my favourite ever Mika album and I think it will be that for many other people as well. Every song is totally different compared to each other and I can’t wait to listen to the full album from beginning to the end to really understand what ties the songs together.

Tiny Love was my absolute favourite during the night. It’s a stunningly beautiful song and has many different tones depending on the version. The gig version started in a simple and delicate way and the song itself was almost like partying, the mood was again different compared to the other versions of the songs.

It’s hard to tell which one I liked more, Dear Jealousy or Tomorrow. Different topics and styles yet both wonderful live songs. Dear Jealousy has more depth in the lyrics but Tomorrow has a story and really cool vibe in it, I can’t explain better yet. Sanremo comes after these two but was still very enjoyable and dreamy.

Blue is a difficult song, both to sing and to listen to. It needs thinking and focusing and several listening to properly “open” and I’m keeping all my fingers crossed we can hear it again tomorrow and I can’t wait to learn to understand it. “I will always love the blue in you” is a beautiful thought and an incredibly beautiful thing to say to another person. This is a beautiful, complicated song.

I can’t remember the gig high has ever felt this good, I can’t remember the sweat drops all over my face have been this enjoyable before. It’s been a while of course and I felt very emotional during the night. For sure Mika sounded and looked fantastic, his stage energy was unbelievable and the band was great and added a lot of details to the songs. I especially loved the drums in Tiny Love (other instruments as well) and for example the new cool things added to Love Today.

Because the tour is in the US we heard also songs like Popular which is not one of my favourites but was still great to hear after a long break. From the classics Underwater was my biggest favourite. It was an extremely emotional version. I think I cried.

The gig ended and we never want them to end but this was such a satisfying and full gig. I felt weirdly satisfied after the show, Mika must have been exhausted after it. Just before he went backstage I gave him a a thank you card I had made and he took it and I had to laugh at myself because I’m not the kind of a person who throws toys on stage (well it was a card and I handed and didn’t throw it to him). I thought I might not have a possibility to otherwise give it and after a gig like that he certainly deserved a thank you.

I didn’t have my camera with me so just a few pics from my mobile. The second Brooklyn show tomorrow X