The structure in Tiny Love is interesting, intelligent and very versatile and it takes me, again and again, to a delightful journey with its changing melody and varying tones. I can hear all the familiar elements so typical to Mika’s music, just shaken and put in order in a new, unexpected way.

Mika begins with his gentlest ever voice, the part of his singing that so easily can touch my heart.

There’s no dramatic declarations in the rain

I love that voice, it makes me weak at the knees. However, I’m quickly back on my feet when the rhythm changes:

Our kind of love, it gets better every day.

I like the sentence above in the lyrics. This kind of love is my favorite kind. This is my favorite part of the melody as well, it makes me do tiny jumps and will be one of the very best moments during the future gigs. I can already feel the live situation adrenaline in my body.

I’m dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing.

At this point I’m obviously dancing and can’t keep my hand still so I raise it up: Ooooh, tiny love. The song slows down a bit. Sometimes it’s tough, others think we’re acting strange.

Then my favorite sentence said in a somehow surreal way: My name is Michael Holbrook, I was born in 1983. I feel this particular sentence connects the song to the theme of the album, the theme that tells about the man behind the music.

The whole ending part of the song, first sung in the higher voice and then as gently as in the beginning is breathtakingly pretty. You get me… Suddenly he’s like right there next to me. How is that even done? The modern recording technology is amazing.

The song closes as beautifully as it began so the love can stay safely inside. I can’t help but crying. The atmosphere is incredibly beautiful. Mika is so talented. So so talented. I’m so proud of him as an artist.

Tiny Love creates a very special world of its own. Different emotions vary during the song, sometimes the song feels different depending on my own mood that day. Different versions of the song add their own colors and tones.

The orchestra version I heard in Lajatico was heart-warming and even playful. It was impossible to catch the full lyrics and melody during only one listening but small pieces of the song kept playing in my head while waiting for the official version and made me smile.

The recorded version is more serious yet enormously tender. The tone becomes intense when it’s combined with the visual elements in the video. The short film directed by Wiz is extremely powerful. It’s beautifully intimate and includes also darker, almost heavy elements. The video makes emotions in the song multiply and the colors and tones to feel stronger. Even the tenderness is somehow tangible.

I love listening to Tiny Love watching this beautiful, intense and very symbolic little film. I can watch it again and again and again and I never get tired and it still offers me new details to discover. So much thought put in four minutes. I feel so grateful both for this new music and the visual look created around it.

The Tiny Love cover art (see in the featured pic) offers us once again interesting details and references. A photo of Mika, the album colors, a pic of nebula and a female hand holding a galaxy.