A tiny report about my very short trip to Paris to see the recording for La Chanson Secrète on Tuesday night. I’m writing this in Sicily while waiting for the Radio Italia Live concert on Saturday (hence the featured pic). I felt it was important to see Ice Cream performed again to get used to everything new happening on stage so I traveled to Paris even without knowing the concept for the recorded show and just hoped for the best.

The concept for La Chanson Secrète is actually very interesting and I enjoyed watching the recording a lot. We saw several famous French artists and actors who each in their turn sat in the chair in the middle of the stage and were ready to be surprised and to listen to the song chosen for them. Every performance was a surprise and personally planned for the person sitting in the chair. Many of the performances were emotional and included details like old childhood photos or family members on stage and the artists were touched to tears and all that was emotional for the audience to watch as well. The show will be broadcasted later so I can’t give any exact details at this point but wanted to describe the concept for those who are not familiar with it.

Corinne and I were sitting in the upper part of the audience and were quite far away but had a great view and could see the whole stage and the person sitting in the chair very well. We knew Mika had a tight schedule and also that he was supposed to perform in the other show during the same evening and that way couldn’t possibly be in the beginning of our recording. The worrying thing was that the recording went on and on and it was late already and people, especially those with children, started to leave and there was still no sign of Mika. We thought maybe his part had to be rescheduled, maybe it was not possible for him to be there because of his other commitments.

We tried to see better and the girl taking care of the audience saw that and asked if we would like to go closer because many people had already left and they had empty seats and we said yes please but preferably not into a corner because we were hoping to see Mika’s performance. A couple of seats exactly in front of the stage were empty and we asked if we could go there and the girl said sure and magically the exact minute Mika came on stage we were sitting right in front of the stage. Talk about perfect timing! The face of “our” cameraman (familiar from The Voice) when he saw us!

It was finally time for Mika. The song chosen for him, one of his own songs, was not touching the same way some other songs during the night had been – it wasn’t teary that way – but it was funny and it was cute and I’m sure Mika personally appreciated it a lot. At this point we didn’t know if it was all over or not. After some nervous waiting Nikos announced Mika would perform his new song Ice Cream! Happy, happy reactions from us. He came back on stage with his group, rehearsed a tiny bit and then did Ice Cream TWICE. We were two happy ladies watching him. Before the performance Corinne pointed out we might be on television because we were located so close to the stage. Knowing I might regret my words later I said I don’t care, I don’t even live in this country! I just wanted to see the performance.

Ice Cream is getting better and better and better. All the elements are finding their places on stage. I’m liking the instrument dancers more and more. The guitar dance is the highlight of the song exactly as I thought it would be and during the second try it went exactly right. It was perfect! The instruments are red as they are supposed to be. I’m getting used to the girls and the idea of them being on stage. Instead of black the girls were wearing pale ice cream colors and I loved that and I loved Mika’s ice cream colored pants and shoes as well. The whole performance felt more like him and I didn’t have this feeling there are real world elements transferred into the middle of the Mika world like I did when I saw the girls in their black underwear for the first time. Of course it was not only colors helping even though they made a big difference at least for me. After seeing the performance several times it was simply easier to focus on everything happening on stage and that was one of the reasons I wanted to be in Paris.

It was difficult to decide which promo events I want to see. It’s too expensive to see everything in different countries for only 2 or 3 songs per event. Also, I needed a small break with my family after traveling for The Voice. On the other hand, we are living the most exciting Mika times in ages and the only way to follow the promotion in France and Italy is to be there. Eventually I planned my traveling this way: first television in Paris, then a radio event in Sicily which is one of my favorite places. That way I can see something in the both countries.

I feel that during these weeks we are seeing a totally new side of Mika and it’s a tiny bit scary and absolutely amazing at the same time. “A tiny bit scary” because I always seem to need a few days to get used to big changes. It’s not that I don’t want changes or that I don’t like them, I just need a moment to get used to them. “Absolutely amazing” because I love what I’m seeing. After so many years of making effort not to say things directly Mika is suddenly saying everything and as directly as possible. He seems so liberated and I love it. I love him and I’m very happy for him. Of course so far most interviews have been in French or Italian and I can only hope there will be something also in English.

I liked the colors on stage and I love the new video for the song for the same reason. The color scheme is beautiful and the atmosphere is right. I can feel the heat and the video has the same surreal vibe as the song. It’s so hot people become lethargic and all the colorful items seem to change their shape. Greetings from the Palermo heat, more soon xxx