Without any of my favorites or any international guest stars the setting for the final The Voice show on Thursday night was a bit lame, at least that’s how I felt and it looked to me the others around me in the studio felt the same way. However, this was what the French television audience had voted and I tried to focus on the positive side. Mika was going to perform his new song Ice Cream, his talent Whitney was in a very good position to win the competition and some French artists for the evening like Patrick Bruel, just to mention one, were actually quite interesting and something I looked forward to seeing on stage.

The talents performed first their solo performances, then together with the guest singers (Florent Pagny with Clement, Aya Nakamura with Whitney, Matt Pokora with Sidoine and Patrick Bruel with Pierre Danae) and then finally each of them with their coaches. My other favorites being out Clement was the only one from my original “final dream team” and I liked his performances and thought he was powerful on stage but naturally kept my fingers crossed for Whitney knowing she had genuine and very realistic possibilities to win and hoped all the best for Mika’s team. Whitney’s solo performance and her guest performance were both well done from her and her performance together with Mika the best performance we saw during the whole season. Nothing really interesting in the guest performances so mostly I just couldn’t wait to see Mika and his performance.

I had mixed feelings while waiting. I saw Mika and his group already in Verona but before Thursday hadn’t fully organized my thoughts about it. I had enjoyed the live performance in Bordeaux and I loved the album version of the song and for some reason had huge, huge expectations for these fuller live versions in Verona and at The Voice. I had a certain vision how it all could be but of course the reality turned out to be very different than I had imagined. I blame myself for creating those expectations. Nothing was promised, the visions just came after hearing the music and the atmosphere in it.

I knew Mika’s going to have a new group of dancers and musicians with him. What I didn’t know was that he’s going to be one in the group. When Mika is on stage he’s supposed to have my full attention. The moment he starts singing he becomes the centre of my universe, I can see only him and it’s easy to ignore everyone else there. Now he was one in the group, not the star he usually is. I could hardly locate him. I have watched the recorded version later at home several times and of course he’s filmed to be in the centre but from the audience it was very hard to focus on him.

I had heard about his group in advance, the musicians will dance and the dancers will have instruments, but in Verona or at The Voice final I couldn’t see any musicians except Max who is actually a good dancer as well . Promotionally it could have been useful to see also real musicians instead of only “fake ones”. Personally I really like the idea of these instrument playing dancers, it can be a very, very cool element during shows and I hope Mika will evolve it, but the audience needs to know there are good quality musicians and good quality dancers and to see the difference between them and not mistakenly think something is average or even fake. The girls distracted me both in Verona and at The Voice. They took too much of my attention, my eyes were on them through the whole performance and I wasn’t staring at their faces. Of course, at The Voice their boots were a bit higher and bodysuits a bit lower but my attention was still focused on them.

However, it’s not their outfits that disturb me, it’s the lack of context. I’m trying to understand and I’ve been watching old INXS, George Michael and Prince videos the whole morning and I’m guessing where Mika is aiming at with the girls but the reference is not strong enough and I don’t think the audience can get it in the right way. I know this time Mika wants to focus on the US market more than before – I can already see his team is doing a good job there – and watching Ice Cream at The Voice made me think of that. Maybe the idea works in the US market? Whatever the case, he has a massive European Tour to sell which is good to keep in mind while building the promotion.

I rarely ask this for songs but Ice Cream demands sexiness. This song is not about eating dairy products, it’s about sex. And genuine sexiness doesn’t come from any particular outfit or bare skin or dance girls, it comes from the inner power that can be seen in the eyes or in the posture when someone knows that all they need to do is to exist, that just being there is enough. Not arrogantly but confidently. That’s what I hope to see later in the autumn. That and a colorful celebration, being proud of who we are and celebrating it in the biggest possible way.

This is what I was thinking while standing in the audience at the Voice.

Then it was time for Mika and Whitney together and the whole performance was incredibly successfully done. The most professional moment of Mika’s The Voice career to sound that amazingly beautiful yet let Whitney shine equally much. I literally wanted to cry, that badly I wanted to hear this song done alone by Mika and I wasn’t able to ignore Whitney even if I wanted which was exactly how it was supposed to be to be fair, right and professional towards his talent. Brilliantly built moment, I was very impressed. And I thought wow he’s good. As a singer and as a coach. And Whitney won, the whole competition! Congratulations to them both.

I didn’t have my mobile but Solange had hers and the pics are from that taken either by her or Ani. I love our group selfie with Mika, a cute memory. Taking a pic in the chair was the last thing I did before leaving the studio. Another season done. Thanks everyone I met in Paris and everyone working around the show. Such a nice experience. X