I happened to be in Paris on the official Ice Cream releasing day and loved seeing the buzz on social media and different radio channels. I’ve been learning to know the song a couple of weeks now, first through some video clips, then hearing the live version in Bordeaux and then finally downloading the album version exactly the moment it was out. Each of these steps have surprised me in different ways and I enjoy that. I love discovering new sides in Mika’s music. He’s never boring for sure, his music never fails to give me something new to think.

My first thought after hearing the early clips was that it’s a summer song, obviously. It’s meant to be played at parties, dance floors and summer streets. The lyrics are unusually direct and it’s easy to hear the vibe related to the past and artists like Prince or George Michael. That’s just the surface though, there’s much more in the song than I thought there is after hearing the first tiny snippets.

The live version has a really strong positive energy in it. It’s celebrating something that needs to be celebrated in life, it’s all about dancing and guitars. You look at the stage when the song starts and can’t wait to see a beautiful full rainbow opening up in front of you. I enjoyed the song in Bordeaux and that was just a moderate version of it, the full group and the colors weren’t there. The proper show version will be an incredible energy explosion! Looking forward to experiencing it, it will be one of the highlights at gigs. I love seeing Mika celebrating this way – so unusually openly – and I love it that he invites the audience to celebrate with him.

When I listen to the studio version I’m surprised one more time. It’s totally different than I thought it is. The atmosphere is totally different. I feel I’m watching a pool party in a WEIRD DREAM, there’s such a surreal vibe in it. If the live version made me feel included in the celebration, the studio version is almost like observing the party from outside. I have a cold drink in my hand and suddenly the swimming pool is smiling with its shinny bright blue teeth and those colorful plastic toys, they are changing their shapes and I can hear weird sounds but don’t know where they are coming from and I have to ask if someone put something in my drink or is it the incredible heat causing all this. Maybe it’s the heat?

I watch the people partying and I feel it’s a bit too intimate, even the voice singing is somehow unusually intimate, it’s lazy and sexy and I don’t know if I should be watching all those people or not but they don’t seem to care. They just continue their party and I just continue watching and everything is BIZARRE! There’s such a surreal vibe in the song.

All that, having so many layers in one song describes Mika so well. You hear a song from him and you think it’s something obvious but it’s never that obvious. Of course Ice Cream is an ideal summer song but it’s more than that, it’s a clever song and I think a lot of thought was put in it to make it sound that bizarre. My imagination needs an endless amount of material to work at full capacity and Mika’s music is always the very best source for it.

We have learnt the new album is called My Name Is Michael Hoolbrook and the title creates a lot of expectations. He couldn’t have come up with a more personal name for the album and has already started to reveal some stories behind it and I can’t wait to hear all the songs on it. Learning to know someone song by song and through their music is a slow way, I can’t wait to hear this album and learn something new and can already see there’s a lot of thought put in it. (The pic was taken on Friday, a bit behind the crowd but it’s sunny and I liked it) X