The third The Voice live show on Saturday was even more interesting and entertaining than the previous ones. The result was totally different than I had hoped for but still something (at this point) easy to predict and mainly deserved for the talents as well. All my favorites and that way everyone from my “final dream team” are out. On the other hand, Mika is in a good position and has realistic possibilities to win the competition which would be useful publicity for him during the album promotion period. We got a small taste of his new single before the live recording started and he came on stage in his yellow and white outfit, eating ice cream. He danced, had fun and took some promotional photos while the audience could listen to the new song  and I loved being able to watch it all.

Then it was time for the show and Team Soprano started with Vay and Clement. This was the only team I didn’t have any clear opinion about, I just thought the talents are very different compared to each other and noticed Soprano and his team had chosen the songs to support the strong sides in the both contestants. Vay is good at creating different atmospheres on stage and his performance took advantages of show elements and even his look/style was a part of it. Clement had a very simple setting and he just focused on his singing and that way showed more technical side. He has been stronger that way through the whole competition and now continued to the final show. I wouldn’t have minded if it had been Vay to continue, his style is much in line in Sopranos own style and genre. After both talents had done their solo performances they performed one of Soprano’s songs together with him.

Then Team Mika and I loved all the songs chosen for his talents for this third night! Gjon’s Tears has been my favorite and he couldn’t make it to the final as I had hoped but that’s just how it went and how it was supposed to go. He got the best possibilities and even a small advantage with his songs and I wanted to give Mika a hug for offering him all that and for being such a generous and supporting coach for his team. It just wasn’t the time for this talent yet. Gjon’s Tears got Life In Mars for his solo performance and it’s an amazing song and I really liked the performance and thought he did very well. Of course it’s a big song and he’s still young and unexperienced and it wasn’t as mature as Whitney’s performance (even though she’s young as well). Just seeing Whitney on stage in her giant white dress was quite impressive and knowing the voting history it was clear from the moment she started the audience would vote her to the final.

That happened indeed even though Relax was such an awful choice for her. It didn’t make either of the contestants look good but Gjon’s Tears could at least show his skills for higher notes and dance and jump with Mika whereas for Whitney it was just a poor choice as a song. I had no idea in advance the coaches would perform their own songs with their teams so hearing Relax was a total, amazing surprise and after the talents had done the awkward beginning and Mika had joined it I could successfully ignore everyone else than him on stage. A lovely surprise to see him performing Relax and it made me and everyone around me extremely happy.

While listening to Relax I suddenly realized that at that exact hour it was exactly ten years since I saw Mika performing at Passionkirche in Berlin and after the gig met him for first time ever. I have a photo as a memory of that moment and my eyes are sparkling in the pic, that happy I was to meet him and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Watching Relax was a suitable way to celebrate the anniversary and I enjoyed the song and felt gratitude for everything that has happened during these years. I have waited for seeing Mika on stage for a long time and during the performance had eyes and ears only for him and it was surprisingly easy to ignore the talents who were on stage with him. Of course, I don’t want to sound rude saying that and genuinely think both Gjon’s Tears and Whitney did incredibly well during this third live and that Mika can be very proud of his team.

Then it was turn for Team Jenifer and I had my fingers crossed for Leona Winter who has been one of my biggest favorites. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Sidoine is charming and that way gets a lot of votes but Leona looked more gorgeous and glamorous than any woman in the studio as well. The songs chosen for Team Jenifer’s solo performances were quite boring but Leona did still well and I liked her also in the group performance. Sidoine was still chosen to the final so one of my favorites was out again and this time it didn’t feel deserved. After all this I had a feeling Leonard might not make it from Team Julien so I wasn’t surprised by his final result. Leonard is a talented singer (especially compared to his team mates) but it wasn’t the time for him yet either. He got an interesting song – something he had needed – and had everything offered to him the same way as Gjon’s Tears had in Mika’s team but something was missing in his performing. These talents are so young, they have time. Just like with Jenifer’s team, I enjoyed Team Julien’s group performance a lot.

So in the end every single one of my dream final combination was out and it seems better for Team Mika this way. I’m not sure Gjon’s Tears could have competed with fabulous Leona Winter in the end whereas Whitney has a good position in the current combination and she has realistic possibilities to win the whole competition which would be awesome for Mika. I think her and Sidoine are the strongest contestants but it will all depend on the songs and the final performances. In the end of the recording we saw Soprano performing and his performance was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it.

I saw Gjon’s Tears before he was leaving and I wanted to wish him all the best for the future and told I would have loved to see him in the final. I was hoping he wouldn’t feel discouraged – the second place is a wonderful achievement – and he didn’t look discouraged at all and mainly just focused on supporting Whitney and I was impressed by his attitude and admitted to him he had a tough contestant against him. Seeing Mika’s team this supportive to each other made me want to give Mika another hug. He had obviously handled the situation backstage very well. Below a photo of me in the chair (I look quite pleased don’t I) and the pic we took with Gjon’s Tears and I wanted to add that as well because we both look so smiling. Next week finally Mika and Ice Cream, Tuesday in Verona and Thursday at The Voice final. Can’t wait X