Only a short written report about the second live show, mobiles were not allowed (featured pic from the previous week). I spent Friday in Bordeaux for Wisfest and didn’t have much time to sleep so I was a little bit tired during the Saturday night. Tired, hungry and somehow impatient as well. It was wonderful to see Mika on stage on Friday after such a long wait, it was good to finally hear his voice and feel the gig atmosphere, and after that I had only little tolerance for poor or boring performances and felt impatient that way.

I go through the night in a very objective way just listing what happened and who was in and who was out and who was my biggest favorite. Luckily live recordings are always exciting and that gave me energy on Saturday as well. Before the show started we saw Taylor Swift as the main guest and I knew she is quite a star but I hadn’t heard any of her songs before and was curious to see her performing and noticed Mika and the talents who were lucky to perform together with her were thrilled and excited to see her (can’t say about the other coaches and Nikos had obviously met her before). Her show was big, big style with candy colors and glittery dresses and effects that looked almost like fireworks.

Jenifer’s team started and I absolutely loved Leona Winter’s performance, she managed to create a fabulous show! I would have loved to see her being the audience favorite but already knew to expect a good result from Sidoine and he was the one directly chosen to continue indeed. Poupie hasn’t been my favorite but this time she would have deserved to continue. Jenifer had to choose between her and Leona and I was obviously happy that Leona was chosen in. Sidoine and Leona are left in Jenifer’s team, that’s quite expected. I think Leona is gorgeous but also know Sidoine has a lot of voters on his side.

Then team Mika. Gjon’s Tears performed Rocket Man and it’s a challenging song to cover even for experienced singers. His voice is both pleasant and interesting and I really like it (I say that only rarely) and he did well. Again, I hoped he would the be audience favorite giving Mika at least a possibility to choose London Loko to continue because she’s the one who has made the most progress in the competition. Also, Whitney’s song was boring and didn’t catch my attention and my mind wandered elsewhere during her whole performance. She was still voted the audience favorite and I thought that was a surprise. Last week it wasn’t, but this week yes, it was a surprise. Mika chose Gjon’s Tears so luckily my favorite is still there and I hope the song chosen for him on Saturday will be good.

Then Julien’s team and Leonard voted as the favorite, well deserved and no surprise there! Pierre Danae was chosen as the other one to continue, not sure what to think about that. I’ve liked Leonard since the beginning but think he needs a hit to make people really interested in him. “A hit” is what happened with Sopranos’s team during this second show. The song chosen for Vay was both interesting and extremely suitable for him and it felt deserved he continues with Clement (but to be honest there wasn’t much competition either). After contestants we saw more guest performances. I liked Jenifer’s performance and thought it was entertaining but saw later I looked embarrassingly bored during it. Not her fault, I was just tired.

The level this year is better than before and I have several favorites which doesn’t happen often. My taste seems to be different compared to the television audience though and it’s hard to predict how the final four will look like. Back to Paris on Friday. X