Season’s first The Voice live show last night was full of surprises so I just quickly put together a small summary before I forget the main details. The show started with the whole group of talents performing the song from The Greatest Showman (This Is Me) and I really liked the performance and their fantastic, colorful outfits. The coaches came to their places, Mika wearing a stylish and simple blue suit. Very elegant impression and generally exciting start for the first live show. The teams performed one by one and the results were somehow unexpected for all of them.

Mika’s team was the first one to perform and with his team the biggest surprise was how good it actually is, somehow even better than I could remember from the auditions and battles. Whitney did Shallow from A Star Is Born and she’s not my style of a voice and to be honest I don’t even like the song that much but she did really, really well and was the audience favorite and for a good reason. Gjon’s Tears was the other one to directly continue in the competition and he did an extremely good performance being my biggest favorite during the whole night. I’ve liked him since the beginning and find his voice interesting. London Loko and Albi weren’t as good as these two but did still well, better than I had expected and it was hard to know which one Mika would choose, the both talents were quite equal. Eventually London Loko was the third contestant to continue. I think Mika’s team was the strongest team this week.

Jenifer has a good team and I looked forward to the performances and was quite sure Leona Winter and the boy duo Geoffrey / Arezki would surely continue. However, Leona Winter and Sidoine were directly chosen and I was surprised by the result but later realized I should have seen it coming. My friends had described Sidoine as ”the best looking contestant” and can’t help but thinking that could bring him more audience votes, of course those things matter. Jenifer had to choose between Poupie and the duo and she chose Poupie. She seems to like her and groups can be more complicated to coach, can’t tell. Geoffrey / Arezki being out this early was the biggest surprise of the night, I really couldn’t predict that and I liked their performance.

With Soprano’s team I was surprised the same way as with Mika’s team but for the opposite reason. Soprano’s team was surprisingly boring and not as good as I had expected in advance. I had totally assumed the group (Scam Talk / Mayeul) in his team is more interesting than it actually was, I didn’t find their performance entertaining at all. The first talent of the team performed with a huge choir and it looked scary, the choir was big indeed but the talent did well and took his space and was my favorite from Soprano’s team. The others were boring, genuinely can’t remember them well at all. Scam Talk / Mayeul were chosen out and that was deserved, their performance wasn’t as good as was expected after the previous phase.

Julien’s team is catching up with the other’s towards the end. Léonard (the guy who looks like young Mika) is my favorite from the team and I looked forward to his performance. He seems to have so much potential but the songs chosen for him are never interesting enough. This time the song was a little bit better, his performance was really funny and he continued to the next round. I had assumed in advance the girl would be another favorite but no, wrong again and Pierre Danae was chosen directly and Julien chose the girl (Laureen) as his third talent.

I would like to see Gjon’s Tears, Leona Winter and young Mika at the final week but we’ll see how it goes, still three weeks left. Many people like Whitney and it’s hard to say about Jenifer’s team. She’s keeping Poupie and Sidoine seems to get votes. This week was surprising already.

We’re living exciting times, Mika’s new single Ice Cream will be officially out on May 31. I haven’t heard the song properly yet, Nimes was sold out so I wasn’t there. I have heard some little snippets on social media though and was surprised by the song and the new style. Like with some results at The Voice, I didn’t see it coming. I read people get Prince or George Michael vibes from the song and I totally agree with them, it’s the vibe I call “classy” and I like it.

At first I was way too distracted by the lyrics (can’t catch them all though) and couldn’t focus on the music/melody part enough but after a couple of days it becomes easier to focus on it. I wouldn’t compare the song to Boum Boum Boum which (for me) creates the atmosphere purely using the melody and the voice. I wouldn’t compare it to Lollipop either. Despite of the double meaning Lollipop has an innocent side and not sure Ice Cream has any innocent side. I’m super curious to hear it live so will surely be in Bordeaux on Friday. The Voice photos are random pics from my mobile, we were allowed to keep them with us. X