The crowd at Cirque d’Hiver was exceptionally good to be a private gig audience and was dancing, clapping and singing along considerably loudly. I was thankful for my possibility to be there and hardly breathed and also kept my camera in my bag so I have only a few mobile vids to add in my post. Basically everyone in the audience was filming with their mobiles and have been sharing pics and vids on Instagram so I decided to share my small clips as well. I really wanted people to see them, Mika sounded and looked stunningly good and it’s important people are aware of that while waiting for new gigs in the future. It’s easier to be patient knowing something is surely worth waiting.

It was wonderful to see him on stage again. The gig was joyful and made me incredibly happy. I was smiling and then had tears in my eyes because everything was so beautiful and then smiled again and was relieved I could finally remember how it feels to be that happy about live music again. It’s a magical feeling, like it could fix everything. Like there were no worries in the world at all. Mika is in great shape. His voice tells he has been both exercising and practicing fiercely, I could hear he’s in excellent physical condition. He moved beautifully on stage and I heard from the sound he and the band are experimenting some new things for the old songs like always between tours so people can have new interest in them. At Cirque d’Hiver he did 11 songs which was a proper amount for a corporate gig like this one.

The gig started in French with Un soleil mal luné and continued with Relax, Blue Eyes, Big Girl, Boum Boum Boum, Grace Kelly, Underwater, Lollipop, EMD, WAG and Love Today. Approximately in that order, please correct me if needed but at least these were the songs we got. Loved it that we heard Blue Eyes and absolutely loved Boum Boum Boum – I love the atmosphere and Mika’s voice in it, it’s such a strong favorite for me – and burst in tears during Underwater after waiting to hear it such a long time. Not surprising these were the biggest highlights for me. I loved Relax and the three energetic songs in the end. It was hugely emotional to see Cirque d’Hiver again and watch the round center in the middle of it, it’s been 9 years since the last two gigs I saw there 2009, it’s such a special venue and I loved watching Mika using the circle shape of the stage to reach every corner of the audience with his microphone (see the Underwater video).

Thanks everyone who made this possible and who kept me company! X