Cavea open air theater at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome was one of the most interesting venues for the whole Italian tour. Formal and modern, not historical or other ways particularly beautiful or unique. However, the acoustics was wonderful and as long as the audience stayed seated the view seemed to be good from all parts of the venue. The stage was low with no barriers, one of those stages I would have loved to experience from a close distance. I couldn’t help but touching the soft red carpet every time I walked past the stage while waiting the gig to begin. So tempting.

We met as a big group of fans before the show at a restaurant next to the auditorium, chatted, took pics and had drinks, everyone dressed up a bit and looking forward to a civilized, adult event. It wasn’t going to be like that in reality of course. I knew it, the other fans knew it, Mika knew it and even the venue security knew and admitted it in advance. It’s not possible to do a normal, seated gig in Italy, the audience won’t allow it. I was disappointed to see the chaos at the stunning, historical venue in Taormina last summer, this time I was prepared and already knew to expect it.

No Place In Heaven in the beginning of the show was a kind of a countdown (see my vid here, it’s from far away but the sound is good like during the whole evening) and as soon as the first notes of Big Girl started the crowd run in front. The whole front area was filled in a few seconds. I did the same as all the other people in front of me and took a place in front row left side of the stage.

Mika saw me and Ani in the middle of the pushy crowd and laughed at us and stopped a few times to sing both sides of the stage so it was possible to see him. We saw a few songs quite well and then the security asked us all to move backwards which we naturally did. In two seconds our places were taken. Mika announced that it was okay for him that everyone stayed where they were and we were stuck in the crowd people in front and behind of us.

He can’t control the Italian audience at seated venues. He is too nice and is supposed to be that nice to people. The reason why I trust Florence will be a peaceful heaven is Simon Leclerc. Mika will sing and it will be stunningly beautiful and Simon Leclerc will take care of the rest. He has the power and the authority and he knows how to be strict. I have childlike faith in him. He won’t hesitate to silence those people. There will be no ugly posters, no screaming, clapping or even singing along. Those will be two magical nights.

Rome turned out to be a weird one. I felt like a stranger, squeezed between people I didn’t even know wearing a dress and heels, my feet and back hurting. Mika was a little bit like a stranger on stage as well. With that I mean he was there but I couldn’t see any details and it’s important for me to see him during the show. I used to think that during performances I can see only his stage personality. Now I’m starting to think those are the only moments I can see the real him. In the middle of his songs he is always familiar and someone I know so well so it feels important to also see him.

Another reason is language of course. I also used to think how much I want to see him happy (and be happy for that). Now when he talks a lot but I’m not in the group he is talking to and can’t understand his words I’m pleased to see any unfiltered emotions on his face. Happy, angry, whatever tells the story. It’s the only way to follow what’s happening on stage. He has learnt to use controlled expressions but during performances it’s a good time to let them go.

It was strange and weird but the sound was good and paid a lot of attention to it and then it was time for Over My Shoulder. And it was absolutely breathtaking. Suddenly I could recognize myself and I could recognize Mika on stage and forgot my shoes and hurting feet and thought this is the reason I came to Rome. There’s always a good reason. Always. There’s a video below but it can only slightly express how amazing it was live. A stunning moment, one of the highlights of the whole tour.