I’ve always wanted to visit Sicily and now been lucky to travel there three times during the past 12 months. This was my first time in Palermo. I love the Sicilian vibe. I arrived my B&B and was worried because the area had nothing suitable for tourists, it was a basic living area next to a sports arena, huge parking areas and a big park (the venue), not a place to spend time or walk around alone especially at night time.

However, my B&B which was a private apartment with three rooms for rent was super clean and decorated in a charming, a bit quirky style with retro details (not fancy but very much my taste) and the owner called Marco was the friendliest person ever. He showed me the way to the venue entrance, shops and restaurants, organized a taxi for my early morning flight after the show and offered a cup of really good coffee so I immediately felt better and wasn’t worried anymore.





The gig day was extremely hot but nice and relaxed (Myriam and Solange in the pics) and everyone working at the venue was friendly and helpful including the sweet old dog living in the park. However, turned out the security gave fans wrong information on purpose and I couldn’t get over it even I got a good view and saw the gig well and everything was totally fine. I can’t handle this kind of dishonesty. People are supposed to trust the information and instructions given by venues and I can’t do that after this.

The crowd was pushy, I was holding my bags with two arms the whole time and had difficulties to breath but did my everything to focus on listening to the music and putting the negative thoughts and feelings on the background because the gig was very special. I had very much looked forward to seeing this gig in Palermo and it was everything I had hoped for and much more!

The performance was very high quality and obviously well planned, that was easy to see since the first seconds. Mika came on stage. He had a special jacket, carefully styled hair and a determined showman look on his face. This was not meant to be a regular gig. Looked fantastic of course. I saw a cameraman filming and assumed parts of the gig are possibly used as material for the new television show on November. Mika has said he wants to use the tour for the show and this is a massive tour even compared to his previous Italian tours so I can understand his ambitious attitude.

We could see the mountains behind the stage before the colorful house background was lifted up. The venue looked amazing and Mika stylish and beautiful and his performance was outstanding with several rare songs and extra effort put in most of the regular songs as well. I appreciated it and paid attention to every possible song and detail and understood it was a true privilege to be in the audience and see this particular show.

I didn’t expect him to change the set list this much for real but love it that he proved me wrong and I very much enjoyed the set with Italian favorites Beautiful Disaster, Stardust and Hurts (all predictable but didn’t expect him to do them all), Step With Me as a rare song (totally didn’t expect), Promiseland (hoped for but again, didn’t expect) and every new/extra change made in the other songs (like Relax and Underwater). A very full set and I don’t think the audience could have hoped for more. He skipped something but the set was already long enough and obviously we can’t have everything at every single gig. The whole show was excellent, really. I was very impressed.





I laughed so much when I saw my confetti pics. Don’t you think the amount is getting bigger and bigger! It’s already filling people’s mouths, lol! Unfortunately only after Last Party and not during it which is the moment when I would like people to shut up (it’s my important moment) but obviously can’t ask them to be quiet, I know. Emotional performance for the song again.

Loved little changes in Relax. Another big highlight for me was Beautiful Disaster which is an incredibly pretty song. The dance parts are hard and I would love to hear a more gentle version but already love the song much, much more than ever expected after hearing the version with Fedez. Such a lovely surprise. I added Underwater video below. Beautiful version! Very grateful I could see the first two Italian gigs. Great start in stunning locations. I need to skip the next two for family reasons but will be back for Perugia and Padova and the rest of the tour in the end of July.