Bona Nit is a festival concept focused on environmental awareness, food, dancing and music. The event was organized in the Barcelona Spanish village and it was lovely to spend the day in a place like that and we walked around, sat in cafés and spent time outside where Valeria and Saskia made face paintings for everyone which was a lot of fun and is actually quite appropriate for festivals. The Barcelona weather was hot and sweaty so I a bit regretted my face painting later in the evening and couldn’t wait to properly wash my fox face after the show but still loved the idea and watching fans from many different countries doing something like this together.

The festival opened at 7 PM and I really liked the event and everything around it. Food stands sold gluten-free food and even gluten-free beer. I didn’t try the beer because the whole bottle would have been too much liquids but it was still luxurious to have the possibility. For once I didn’t have to be hungry the whole evening and bought a spinach ricotta tapioca crepe which was delicious! All kind of cameras were allowed and I wished I had taken my bigger camera to take better quality photos but didn’t know about the policy in advance and usually having a big camera means losing the spot in the queue at the gates. The security was really sweet and helped everyone during the whole night and worked almost as a courier between the audience and Mika delivering gifts and helping fans on stage.

I had eagerly looked forward to this festival. Not because I have some kind of a love relationship with Barcelona (at least not yet, it can gradually develop of course) but because seeing Mika gigs in any other country than France or Italy is rare and I knew he would add something special and extra for the local audience which he did.

We saw four groups/performances before Mika which was a lot to handle. My favorite was the Mexican group even I can’t remember their music well. I really liked their attitude; they seemed to enjoy their time on stage and did their best to make the audience enjoy as well and didn’t save their energy a bit. The night felt long and I was tired before we had seen the first half of the four performances and I realized how spoilt I am after seeing so many great quality Mika shows and felt embarrassed for my poor tolerance for regular artists and groups. We had to watch through two more performances and I tried to be understanding and supporting and not to show my impatience.

Then it was time for Mika and he did his usual performance and it felt like heaven. Everything was right. His stage team was quick and effective. We heard the intro, the band took their positions and Mika started. He looked gorgeous (see the first pic) and sounded beautiful and I could finally forget being tired and the noise and just enjoy the show. He can do a routine performance and it’s still always a bliss and makes me perfectly happy and satisfied and that’s even more important than enjoying everything special and new.

A couple of songs were added to the usual festival setlist for the Spanish audience like I had expected: Talk About You in Spanish after getting lyrics from the audience and Live You Life which is still popular in Spain after being in a commercial. The whole show was very spontaneous and the festival bear became a part of the Big Girl performance and hats, crowns, flower decorations and glasses from the audience ended up on Mika’s head and eventually also two local fans were asked on stage. That all was almost a bit chaotic and I loved watching the band reacting on everything that happened on stage. Last Party in the end was done Mika standing on the piano and was absolutely stunning! I could just listen, stare and hardly breath, loved the performance and the lights are perfect for the song.

The girls behind us were screaming from the beginning to the end of the show so I didn’t film anything. A few pics and a short clip of Becks dancing on stage below.