Of all the countries Mika is doing these days the Baltic states are closest to my home so the gigs in Riga and Kaunas felt for personal reasons a little bit more special than the other gigs this summer. The concert in Riga went already well but in Kaunas the audience was so incredibly enthusiastic and the atmosphere so warm and happy that I feel like posting a small report about it to remember everything later.

I travelled together with Saskia. I’m not easy company while traveling, I have my own routines and want to do things my own way but Saskia and I have travelled together many times and know each other well so everything goes smoothly. People don’t queue in Baltic countries and we had a relaxed day and went to the venue late afternoon and met some local fans who were excited and thrilled about the gig. We heard that local radio stations play a lot of Mika and even his new songs which turned out to be true during the evening as the audience knew the lyrics also for his newer songs and not only for the biggest hits.

Everyone we met in Liethuania was kind and friendly. The security at the venue didn’t seem to know much (they all gave wrong instructions) but they did it smiling and generally everyone we happened to meet was welcoming and nice. Everyone in Liethuania seemed to also be extremely tall and the barrier we saw after getting in the venue was probably highest I’ve ever seen, I could hardly put my chin above it.

The new supporting act for the tour is called Xylaroo and I loved these two sisters (pics above) the moment they started to sing which totally surprised me. Usually I’m not into female voices at all but the girls are talented and incredibly sweet and have a simple, very special and unique style which I immediately liked. I already have a couple of favorite songs and looking forward to seeing them many times during the tour.


Mika started with Big Girl (a good, basic song to begin the show) and continued with Talk About You and Good Wife (the most positive songs from the new album). The front area was full of photographers which is always good from artist’s point of view. There are several articles about the show online and Saskia and I can be seen in many pics and we look so awful we had to laugh tears in our eyes when saw them.

There was a new little dance in the end of the TAY with Max and Joy and it’s really joyful and now one of my favorite details and I would love it to be a bit longer. During EMD Mika asked a boy who had caught his attention with his energetic dancing and jumping on stage with him and he translated and danced more and was actually very natural on stage.

In the end of Happy Ending I knew to expect a small a cappella moment but the most of the audience couldn’t know what was happening and kept making such noise Mika had to jokingly beg them to stop until the crowd was finally silent and he could sing the ending which made the venue practically explode. Can’t remember experiencing an audience like that for a long time.

Also can’t remember last time I danced as much as I did in Kaunas. It wasn’t even possible to stay still while everyone around me was dancing and jumping. I carefully focused on listening to my favorites and Stardust, Underwater, Last Party and unexpected Any Other World were all absolutely beautiful. I still think it was the relaxed atmosphere that made the evening so special (no one was pushy or tense, everyone was simply enjoying) and Mika seemed to feel the same and told how the gig didn’t feel like a concert but more like just having fun together. More pics below.









After the show Saskia, Ani and I took a pic with a couple of local girls we met at the gig. I had recognized familiar faces in the audience because I’ve seen some shows in Estonia and Latvia even it’s been several years. Next time in Finland, please? It would be so lovely. X