A small blog post to document our lovely day in London. I arrived with my family from Paris by train. It was our first time using Eurostar, so comfortable and easy. We had an early tea, checked in to our hotel to have a quick shower and hurried to a pub near the theater to meet other fans before the show.

I stepped in the pub and got the warmest feeling while watching the familiar faces! I run to give hugs to the German girls who have recently given me the official adopted German status. This is the first time I kind of belong to any group so I’m thrilled and shyly whispered “from Germany” when people me asked where I’m from. I can understand some German but the German group speaks always English when I’m around which is incredibly polite and sweet.

I continued saying hello to my dear French and Italian friends and thought it’s lovely they want to come to meetings and be a part of the bigger community even they have also their own, smaller communities. I can’t speak their language but we have shared many amazing gigs together and they have always helped me in every possible way and often include me in their plans. The pub was crowded and noisy but I tried to say quick hello to as many as I could while having a pretty, apricot color drink (that was an Italian thing).

It was impossible to have a chat with everyone and I’m sorry I missed so many people. I saw some UK fans I haven’t seen for a long time, had a little chat with Lara and Bodil and her family from Sweden and managed to quickly introduce my family to Deb who was busy hosting the party. Then waved to the Belgian and Dutch fans and had a group picture with the lovely Korean girls I met in Paris (knew Lasher of course in advance). I was wearing my favorite butterfly scarf I got as a birthday present from Eriko in Japan, got many compliments about it and thought of her several times during the night.

Then it was time to leave to the theater, get our tickets from the box office and have the usual See Ticket problems. This time I didn’t care about the problems because this was a seated gig and I could just walk to my front row seat my husband managed to buy me during the pre-sales (sent him loving thoughts to the upper part of the theater when I saw my seat). Such rare luxury to walk front row without queueing!

The theater was small and intimate. I had no idea it’s that small and was happy to see that my family at the Dress Circle had also a good view. The Citizens opened and this was the last possibility to see them before the tour was over. Their performance was great as always and was super sweet from them to mention Mika fans during it. Then it was time for Mika and everything was absolutely perfect. Definitely one of the most special shows I’ve ever experienced!

Mika was tired because the tour schedule was hardhat he looked beautiful. I was totally fangurling during the whole the performance and as always adored the little swimming movements he does during many songs. He was wearing his firework Valentino with the stunning shiny details and I noticed the outfit looked already a bit messy after dancing and jumping. Only Mika can make his gorgeous Valentino suit look messy that quickly. I loved him even more for that. I like messy. Tidy, polished looks are more suitable for symphony concerts.

I also thought he looks like a proper adult. So much older than in his early days and it means I’ve already been there long enough to see him aging. What an amazing thought. I love seeing people aging and men get older so beautifully. I felt more love for that too. He is a lucky man. He can look messy and older and people still love him even more than they earlier did. I had assumed he is nervous but couldn’t see many signs of that.

Every song was somehow special with new arrangements, tones and details. I sometimes watch big, important events like shows in Paris or Milan from an outsider’s point of view. I feel enjoyment but also commitment and responsibility to see events that are important for Mika’s career. Smaller ones like this one at Adelphi are pure selfish pleasure. They make me so happy the world around the venue could collapse and I wouldn’t notice. Maybe it did, I can’t tell. I enjoyed every moment so much I can’t express it.

I was prepared he might not do any French songs in London but he did Boum Boum Boum with the intro and it was exactly how I love it, funny but still focused on the song. Good Guys was incredibly lovely and sweet. The song wasn’t originally one of my favorites but this more gentle version definitely is. OMS was breathtaking, I love it every time, it’s such a beautiful classic! Promiseland was fantastic – a proper highlight – and got the fab response it deserves. Finally heard the dance version of Hurts, so happy to hear it live. Happy Ending with a cappella ending made me a bit nervous but was absolutely stunning and Last Party was once again my biggest personal favorite.

Little Tristan was awesome especially in Love Today and even Curtis left his responsibilities for a moment to have fun during the guitar part. Max was moving around the stage in his unique way as much as the space allowed and Joy is present even behind her instruments (she has really grown and found her place in the band hasn’t she) so the little drumming session in the beginning of Lollipop with the whole band gathered around the piano was like planned to introduce Lewis who looks always so modest.

The whole event was absolutely precious. I was aware I look stupid smiling through the whole gig but my friends around me looked equally happy so I didn’t let it bother. There was so much love in that little theater, I’m sure Mika could feel it in the air. I took some pics but none of them can properly describe the atmosphere so I just leave them out. Thanks everyone who made the night so special. Postponing the end of the tour sadness with a trip to Como later this week. xx