I loved this Luxembourg gig. Loved loved loved it. My favorite kind of Mika gigs. Not as exciting as the first show of the tour in Rennes was (the biggest excitement for years) but warm, cozy and small. I love it when Mika is close to the audience. The stage was tiny so there was no space for anything else except him and the band. No stage setting or even background, just Mika singing and chatting to the audience the band having fun around him. I didn’t take many photos, I didn’t want to put my camera between us and I loved it that he left his microphone in the end of Happy Ending and sang a bit without it, it was absolutely beautiful and that way there was nothing between his voice and the audience either.

He took a lot of contact with the crowd like he often does at intimate gigs like this. I couldn’t understand his chatting in French but really enjoyed the atmosphere. In the end of Boum Boum Boum he suddenly pointed me asking me on stage. It was very unexpected. I have a horrible stage fear and going on stage even for a short moment without knowing what’s going to happen felt absolutely terrifying. I messaged him “no” but he did some demanding gestures with his  fingers and I said “nooo” again and then he quickly grabbed Karin on stage instead.

Hahah at least I made her happy! She enjoyed her time on stage and getting some cool dancing photos with Mika but I felt a bit bad afterwards. Fans are supposed to play along  during gigs, I wasn’t sure if he likes people saying no. He asks fans on stage quite often and those moments are meant to be really special. Usually fans are dying to be there! I’m such a failure… How to explain that just having the possibility made me happy? Luckily he said later it was just funny. Maybe I will get over my stage fear someday. I’ve been on stage during previous tours (that time we all knew what was going to happen) and survived and had a wonderful experience.

The set list for Luxembourg:

  • No Place In Heaven
  • Big Girl
  • Good Wife
  • Grace Kelly
  • Boum Boum Boum
  • Talk About You
  • Good Guys
  • Origin Of Love
  • Relax
  • L’amour
  • Staring At The Sun
  • Promiseland
  • Underwater
  • Elle Me Dit
  • Happy Ending
  • Love Today
  • Last Party

He skipped Golden and Lollipop in the end. During Promiseland he took a crown Karin gave him and was wearing it half of the show and told little stories that it brought to his mind (couldn’t understand but got translations later).  I can’t tell any favorites like I usually do, loved every song and really enjoyed this intimate gig. Cristina and her husband were kind and drove us to our hotel after he show so we didn’t have to look for a taxi. Such dodgy neighborhood in the center, full of prostitutes and dealers. What a great night to remember. Thanks everyone involved xx