Good, entertaining and cheerful show in Zurich! The gig in Luxembourg night before with the tiny venue and intimate, special atmosphere was one of my favorite gigs and I’m definitely going to write a small report about it as soon as I have time. Now a quick update about Zurich. The venue was smallish but the stage was still big enough to have the Heaven sign on the background and had some space for Mika and the band to move around during the gig.

Compared to the simple and plain Luxembourg gig Zurich included some entertaining extra details like a muppet coming from the audience during BBB and a confetti rain above the piano, maybe to compensate the lack of the setting, maybe to give an opportunity for Mika to rest his voice in the middle of the set (tight schedule is hard and the gig in Milan tonight day after Zurich huge and important). The vibe in Zurich wasn’t as intimate/special as in Luxembourg but still energetic and good and I enjoyed the gig a lot and had a lot of fun together with the German group feeling myself an adopted German.

About my favorite parts of the gig. He did definitely my favorite version of Promiseland so far and I loved both Mika’s singing and how the band was playing. Same with Love Today and Last Party, was surprised to hear the both that powerfully performed, loved it! Happy Ending with a little acapella ending was absolutely gorgeous even the venue was slightly bigger than night before and one of the highlights of the show was listening to Mika chatting in English, such a rare luxury after XF and The Voice publicity in Italy and France. The band was smiling and in a good mood, nice to watch their working as well. Milan tonight, might post some vids when back home.