I had a beautiful day at Caribana Festival near Geneva on Sunday. Everything went well and was perfectly organized as always at Swiss festivals. The festival took a good care of people during the day making sure we had enough water, shadow, sunscreen and toilets available. The security was surprisingly strict during and after the gig though, didn’t allow most cameras in front and actually pushed people in an unpleasantly hard way when couldn’t understand their instructions given in French quickly enough but generally the atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed with lots of families and kids in the audience. So much fun to meet so many people I haven’t seen for a while!








The line up was good and both my husband and I enjoyed watching the acts before Mika, especially young Marcos Cabanas (so sweet and sympathetic) and Jetlakes (very energetic). James Gruntz is surely popular and a great artist but maybe not the best possible choice for this particular audience.


Mika came on stage and looked tired but managed to do an excellent, full-lenght show with an extra French song I hadn’t heard performed live before. I really enjoyed his performance and had my fangirl mode on from the beginning of the show to the very end of it.

I simply loved everything I saw and adored not just every single song but also his dancing, facial expressions and every little gesture he did with the audience (much better than average festival audiences). Embarrassing and a bit silly but it’s good to know that after all these concerts/shows I’m definitely not immune to his stage charm! My husband was very impressed as well and actually pointed out how some songs he thought he didn’t like that much made totally sense seen/heard live (very pleased with his reaction of course). A few pics and some vids I took with my mobile below.