The three concerts with OSM turned out to be a success hard to describe. The audience simply adored Mika, the Montreal press is praising him as one of the best artists in the world and his fans had an experience that can’t be easily topped.

I got my dream concerts. Nothing – absolutely nothing – was disturbing the experience. Not on stage, not in the audience. Eagerly waiting for future tours, acoustic settings, theatrical elements, imaginative outfits and wild party in the audience but I had my dream come true in Montreal. Listening to Mika without a slightest distraction.

I thought in advance that a giant symphony orchestra on stage could be a bit distractive. That was not the case. Amazing that more than 100 musician can play in such a harmony. Not a single disturbing sound, pure bliss to my ears, so easy to separate Mika, Ida and Max. Wonderful acoustics. Never ever experienced anything like this.

About the third night. The setlist was naturally the same. He started with Toy Boy, a gentle start as the change to the original version isn’t that huge. Continued with Underwater that got even better night after night. Then Boum Boum Boum which was one of my favorites on the third night. Ida was rocking, loved it! Somehow can’t remember Rain, I was mentally preparing myself to Last Party, my absolute favorite at the moment.

A bit worrying that something that depressing can totally take over my mind. I love everything in the song: the dark lyrics, the melody, the atmosphere and the way it’s performed. It’s a huge song, really can’t wait it’s out there for everyone!

Then Karen (one of my favorites even without orchestra) and finally Overrated, one of the biggest surprises and highlights of the week. Any Other world, Drunk and Ordinary Man. Ordinary Man is a thoughtful song and I enjoy listening to the lyrics even the song lacks passion for my taste, he is pondering the situation, feeling a bit sorry for himself. It’s very thoughtful and mature, and I can see a lot of people liking it and I will surely love hearing it live especially when the setting is suitable.

Before the break Heroes which was definitely one of the most important songs on the whole set list. So strong, so powerful. After the pause Grace Kelly. Not the best option with an orchestra but his most popular song and could see how the audience liked it. Over My Shoulder perfectly performed. Then Good Guys.

Loving the song more and more. The lyrics felt cynical at first – all the icons can’t be gone – but impossible not to love it after seeing the smile on his face while singing it. He looks pleased with the song and must say I adore the melody around it. Then Make You Happy, maybe not my favorite version (nothing tops the version from LA) but still extremely good. Outstanding Happy Ending with Ida once again. Origin and then Relax with some tears in my eyes. So grateful Relax was done this small and fragile way.

In the end partying with EMD and Love Today and as an extra treat Toy Boy and EMD one more time (the audience was allowed to dance!). Then massive applauds and hugely smiling star. Super special week. Brilliant arrangements by Simon Leclerc, we can’t thank him enough for making this happen.

All three nights were equally good in their own, slightly different ways. The first night was the most powerful, almost shocking experience to me. The second night more relaxed with a different vibe and deep in the stories. On the third night I remembered the set list well and focused on details and my own favorites. Now on my way home. Time to have a little break. A huge thank you to everyone I met xxx