Another incredible night watching Mika and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. He came on stage wearing a navy, letter appliquéd suit, Ida and Max located on his left side, Ida looking breathtakingly beautiful in her magical, flower decorated  white dress. My seat was a bit on the right side but I had a good view and could easily watch the performance and observe Mika and the peculiar little movements he does with his fingers when he is concentrating on his singing very carefully.

He wasn’t technically as careful as he was on Tuesday, he rather seemed to be somewhere deep in the story while singing the songs and it was incredibly wonderful. I already knew what to expect from the night and could therefor enjoy the concert on more detailed level than I did on the first night.

With a symphony orchestra every song becomes like a little painting or small film. The orchestra illustrated every single song; I could literally see proper landscape images in my head while listening to it. The wavy sea and burning sky during Underwater. Dying autumn nature at the very moment the first snow arrives on Over My Shoulder. I’m lacking words but the whole experience was incredibly powerful and special and seemed to have an effect on Mika as well, he was totally putting his soul into every song! He looked a bit tired in the end and relied more than night before on Ida who was fantastic and gave him supporting smiles whenever needed. So happy to see her on stage again!

Underwater was – if possible – even more powerful than it was on the first night. I gave special attention to Any Other World, Karen and Origin as I wasn’t concentrating on them enough on Tuesday and really enjoyed them all. I was extra grateful for hearing Overrated and Heroes for the second time. The most important songs on the setlist. My personal favorite (along Relax) was a new song called Last Party. It’s so extremely sad and depressing that the feeling really becomes a pleasure. I love it, it’s my new favorite song.

I’m not yet in love with Ordinary Man as there’s no passion in it and it reminds me of Pick Up Off the Floor which never was my fav song. I do like Good Guys but don’t properly catch it yet. The French speaking Montreal audience loved Boum Boum Boum and EMD and Mika was thrilled to perform Drunk with an orchestra the same way he is always thrilled to perform Billy Brown in a church.

I was so proud of him tonight. I know he is amazing and incredibly talented and I never doubt it, I wouldn’t otherwise do all this, but sometimes the world doesn’t seem to know it. I prefer him being the kind of artist he is – not someone who wants to be popular at any cost – but I want him to feel valued and supported and a big part of joy during the OSM concerts is the atmosphere and to be able to feel how the whole audience is holding their breath and following every detail he does, listening every single note and spontaneously showing their appreciation to him throughout the concerts.

During the first night loud clapping from the audience was really disturbing me so this time I loved watching how Simon Leclerc silenced the people with a tiny hand movement. He is my new hero, I hope he will do the same again tomorrow. One more night to go, can’t believe this dream is almost over and I won’t see Mika performing for a while. Already preparing myself for missing him again. Loved the amazing cake he sent to the fan meeting (below).