The Mobistar gig in Brussels last night felt almost as magical as the first concerts I ever saw even it was kind of an anniversary Mika show for me. His singing was like water for thirsty people, and I think Mika could sense the feeling from his fans. If someone thought he is losing his touch after talent shows or otherwise not in his best shape they were totally proved wrong as the show was absolutely fantastic. The whole day was definitely worth the effort and I haven’t seen that many happy faces for a long time. People working for Mobistar were super nice and everything was well organized, can’t give them credit enough. I’m planning to write a report about the whole day with the signing session etc but a few words about the gig while still high after the show.

Max and Ed had other commitments so two new band members, a bit messy of course. Mika forgot lyrics for one whole song but I didn’t mind (that’s a part of live shows). He skipped the highest notes but his voice was still really good and he was definitely in his best and most energetic stage mood. He started with lovely Toy Boy, performed also Boum Boum Boum and did a lot of new details and little changes to his old songs and played beautiful piano intros for several songs. All very unexpected. I loved it! I haven’t seen him like this for ages. Feels so good know he is coming back. One of my favorite ever Mika related days for sure. Thanks everyone who was there or helped other ways xx