Remember the Swatch net hunting a few weeks ago? We tried really hard to win the competition with our team and eventually got the second prize. Not bad at all and having so much fun with our team was definitely worth the effort. Turned out the winner team had to reschedule the trip they won so Swatch generously asked our team if we would like to come to the London Swatch event instead of the winners. We were thrilled and naturally wanted to go! Meeting each other and having a little meeting with Mika at the Swatch store (this time without the usual queueing) sounded luxurious enough and we didn’t have any other expectations.

However, Swatch had beautifully organized us a lovely detailed schedule for the event day and we had an absolutely wonderful day with their club member and marketing team members from Switzerland and London. We did a sight seeing tour after breakfast, went to see a market place and spent some time at Tate Modern watching the Paul Klee expedition. Everything was lovely and relaxed and our host Giusy had actually checked every restaurant and cafe we visited in advance to make sure they had suitable gluten-free options.

After the gallery visit and lunch we headed to the London Swatch store to be there surely on time for Mika’s signing session. The tiny store had everything ready for him. He came and started the session and we had a possibility to have our watches signed and have a couple of words and a group photo with him before he started the official signing for the people waiting outside the store.

Mika had generously decided to offer his fans a party after the signing (we got tickets with an address to a pub near the store) and we all looked forward to seeing our friends and maybe even Mika himself again as he had tweeted about his plans to pop in at the party. We had heard about the party in advance but of course couldn’t be sure Mika would be there personally (well he saw everyone at the store just an hour before) so I thought that coming to the pub and saying hi to his fans was an incredibly sweet thing to do. He was probably in a hurry but also looked like he would love to have a beer but it was all a bit too hectic. We were sitting in the middle table and were lucky to say quick good bye to him, probably won’t meet him for a long time.

I really enjoyed the party and meeting everyone, both familiar faces and some new people, and our whole team and everyone I talked to seemed to have a good time. Our Swatch team offered us a late dinner in a fancy restaurant and we had time to talk about the competition and meet some Swatch collectors. A huge thank you to my team mates Karin and Lara for the company during the trip, to the Swatch team for taking good care of us and to Mika for being his lovely himself. A few pics from the pub below.