A few Mika pics from Istres to have a taste of the gig tonight. Brilliant show. The audience was very challenging, people from very different age groups, most of them looking so comfortable in their seats that I was genuinely worried they will sit through the show. Mika did his best though, and suddenly more and more people started to stand, dance and sing. The balloons made the show a total party and it looked he was laughing out loud watching the audience with the giant balloons, everyone having a lot of fun. I probably had the best seat in the house (not originally mine but kindly offered me by a French fan who decided to go to the standing area) so I had a great view. The stage looked absolutely beautiful and I took several videos to show later how everything looked. Definitely one of my favorite shows this year. My train trip to Istres was smooth and I was escorted back to my hotel from the venue in a police car (a helpful policeman offered a ride so didn’t have to walk alone in the dark). A good day, more later.