On my way home after spending some wonderful, sunny days in France and after seeing three French festivals. I had quite an adventure when traveling to Albi so I’m planning to write proper reports about both Albi and Istres but as it looks I took a lot of pictures in Nantes I decided to do several simple photo posts about La Nuit de l’Erdre Festival.

I went to the festival with Leila, Virginie, Julie and Gigi (a huge thank you for everything, girls!) and saw two other bands/artists before Mika: Puggy (saw them first time in Liege two years ago) and Olivia Ruiz (saw her and her band in Papillons de Nuit Festival in May). I really enjoyed Puggy and even I’m not a huge fan of Olivia’s music I must say she is very entertaining performer so we were lucky to see a good line up before Mika was on stage after 11 PM.

Mika did a good and energetic show and even though he didn’t do Karen (as he did Istres) or Live Your Life (I was lucky to see that in Albi) I very much enjoyed the performance and his interaction with the audience (probably better than festival audiences in average, not as drunk as in Marmande or as quiet as in Istres). See videos for Love You When I’m Drunk and Happy Ending below. Don’t you just love his signature jump? I’ve seen it dozens of times and it’s equally impressive every time. Flying popstar is almost like a superhero.