A few details:

– The festival area was huge! Burning hot sun. A lot of drunken young people. The audience was very good though, the support in France is great even at festivals.

-Two artists/bands before Mika. The first one was actually a lot of fun, a female artist with her party style band. The second one was a reggae artist. The both were doing promotion at European festivals before new albums coming out.

– The polkadots stage setting. Every band member represented a color (Tim – green, Curtis – pink, Max – blue etc), love the idea. Doriand was on stage for EMD and Karen (and Karen was one my favorites as always in France).  The show looked fab with polkadots, colors and huge balloons. No confetti this time (actually preferred the balloons, very impressive).

– Mika was in a great mood. The setlist was well chosen for the audience, mostly high-energy songs and hits. My absolute favorites were Origin and loved Happy Ending (wasn’t expecting it so it was a lovely surprise). No Live Your Life as I was hoping, maybe not enough time but it didn’t matter, I very much enjoyed the show with a lot of positive energy, well worth traveling.

Videos below for Origin, Underwater and Karen.