Just a few words about the show in Bordeaux, France. I decided to travel to Bordeax last minute but still before we heard Mika is having a massive cold. I realized he might cancel the show but I already had my tickets so I traveled first to Paris and then to Bordeaux. The trip felt really long but I finally arrived and was happy to meet some French fans at the venue on Sunday (thank you Leila, Virginie and Julie!) and we had a nice chat before the girls went to their choir rehearsals. The queueing was very relaxed and organized, the line was totally calm and direct (if you have seen some chaotic French queueing – this was the opposite) and the venue security was strict and effective. Looked like the people were going to a Sunday brunch and no one was in a hurry.

Mika was a little bit late and the crew did their best to keep people entertained having a small disco and a homemade light show. Finally we saw the band, then Mika and the show started with the opening and Soleil. We could hear he still had a flu but he had seen a doctor before the show and his voice was surprisingly good considering he was not feeling 100 % well. I had decided to not take any pics, just as a gesture because Mika was not well. He looked gorgeous and not ill at all but I did according to my plan and just enjoyed the show.

Mika started the show with lots of energy and was dancing and doing crazy jumps as always. His performing was charming and he totally warmed the Sunday brunch audience during the show. I couldn’t understand his chatting in French but I really enjoyed the show and certain songs especially. I noticed he did some super fast and not so planned moves skipping or adding some details and I saw the band had to pay more than their usual attention to follow him and improvise a lot (I had a great spot and saw Max and Curtis and their facial expressions very well). They managed to follow him really well though and the band and Doriand who was on stage during a couple of songs did their best to help him when his voice was a bit tired in the end of the show.

The show was really good and I especially loved Stardust, Underwater, Karen and the fast songs after them. Karen was lovely, really, and loved how Mika and Doriand high-fived after the song. I tried to enjoy every second of the song because we probably can’t hear it live for a long time. UW made me almost cry a bit, I was feeling emotional and it’s such a beautiful song. I feel a huge gratefulness every time I hear this song live and try to store the feeling to remember it later.

I was amazed how well Mika did in the circumstances. I have seen many shows and this was a good one even he was not well and I admire him a lot for doing it. The audience loved him and was generally very understanding when his energy level suddenly dropped in the end of the show and he had to cough a bit. He started to look tired and I wished he could have just stopped but he didn’t, he performed the whole set list and didn’t skip a single song. He was probably under some medication and I seriously hope performing like this is not harming his voice too much and I was sorry to hear he can’t have much rest before the UK shows in December. I wasn’t too worried to see him performing though because he did so well and obviously wants to do every show and he managed to give the audience a fantastic evening.

The band was fab. Max was improvising more than usually (dancing, climbing on the piano) and we saw even Tim dancing. The band needs to be very sharp with Mika, he can be very spontaneous on stage. I was in front row next to Julie’s mom and she had a great time watching the show and her daughter on stage. The choir did well and was singing as much as they could. A lovely and amazingly polite young French fan (who I had met in Nice back stage) was behind me with his mother and was so much fun to have a little chat and laugh to our funny memories from Nice. Also, I was really happy to meet Axie after the show (it’s been a long time, wishing her all the best from the bottom of my heart).

I hope no one saw my facial expressions during the show, I probably looked way too happy and laughing, surprised (when Mika was doing his huge jump) and even a bit scared (he almost fell off the piano once). My trip back home was more difficult than usually, I felt I was running from France to Finland, but I was very happy have one more gig memory before the tour is over, as it soon is.