What a crazy show in Paris tonight! Even better than the first show. Mika was in a weird, crazy mood and did a lot of funny, spontaneous things on stage. Just watching his face and dance moves during Drunk was worth a trip to France. A few notes:

– He added a small wake-up part in the beginning of the show before the first French song.  A bit random but quite effective and I liked the idea.

– Both Lola and Popular are fantastic live, loving them more and more after every show.

– Karen was really, really lovely, definitely still one of my favorite songs. Doriand was on stage looking happy and smiling and the audience loved the song.

– Underwater is new Any Other World. I’m getting used to it and it’s an impressive live song done that way. Mika is very determined guiding the audience and looks so pleased when it goes well. I like watching his joy, so whatever as long as he keeps it on the setlist.

– The parts he is doing with Curtis/Max in SITM and Love Today are getting better and better.

– Love Today is better than ever, really loved it how it was done. He continued with Drunk and EMD and managed to rule the audience very well.

– Origin seems to be the final highlight of the show, I enjoy it every time.

– He did Heroes as a new song. It was put on the setlist a while ago but done tonight for the first time. I love Heroes but can’t remember the live version well enough after only one listening, because extra people from the audience on stage took my attention.