Some random comments about the night:

– Mika looked stylish and adorable. He was wearing a vest with polkadots under the suit, I loved his outfit.

– He was joking with the band during the show and the band was lovely and gave also attention and smiles to the front row.

– The venue was fancy, Mika was dressed like for a special occasion and had prepared three French songs for Paris. Karen was lovely, absolutely one of my favorite moments tonight, EMD worked well as always and the slow song was beautiful. Many ways special night.

– My other favorites were Love Today and Love You When I’m Drunk. Of course also Origin with balloons and Celebrate with confetti. The China Boy part is beautiful!

– We had balloons, thanks to the French fans for organizing. The choir was great, I could actually hear them singing, probably for the first time.

– The audience was very responsive and the venue so suitable for Mika, fancy compared to several previous shows.