Atlantico in Rome is one of those basic, impersonal venues you can hardly remember afterwards. Going in to the venue ended up being a chaos but I had a great view and I took some pictures of the stage before the show to remember the setting. I knew in advance the audience will scream a lot during the show. I still always look forward to Italian gigs, the atmosphere is always cheerful and full of joy and I love watching Mika with his Italian fans. I love Italian coffee (definitely worth traveling) and especially meeting Italian people. It was good to meet so many Italian Mika fans last night. Robi, Allegra, Sarina, Clara, Melissa, Nezza (almost Italian), Monica and her friend, Valeria, Virginia and her boyfriend, Eugenio, Giulia and many others.

Compared to some previous gigs I’ve seen Mika wasn’t at his best mood and somehow it looked he did a lot of funny faces but didn’t really feel like being funny. However, he seemed to genuinely enjoy his interaction with the Italian crowd and he showed his normal energy during the high-energy songs like Love Today. Maybe he was a bit tired or not really relaxed but as we all know he can do a great show every time no matter how his personal mood is. I just had a feeling he is only doing his job and performing and not really enjoying it but he was also trying really hard to give his attention to everyone and there were so many who wanted it.

I watched the band quite closely last night and thought how great it is they are allowed to show some personality. I laughed so much watching Tim jumping up and down because it’s really not his usual adult, charismatic and calm style. Max is even a bit mischievous and not so shy on stage any more. Felix is a good drummer and has a great sense of humor but usually keeps his cool face. Joy keeps low profile which is a good thing because otherwise she can take too much space but she seems to be a really nice person and always says hello and waves to the fans etc. Curtis is awesome. He is a great musician and looks like he was born on a different era than the rest of us (my English is not good enough to explain but these vintage style outfits suit him so well) and just watching his cheerful face makes me smile.

And that’s all this time. Maybe I’m too honest when describing the show but as you already know love him beyond words and one reason I travel this much is to see many different kind of shows and different sides of this artist. Paris next, the venue should be interesting, looking forward to it.