The gig at Theaterfabrik in Munich last night was one of those small, happy Mika shows you never want to end. The atmosphere was hot (literally) and the audience bouncing and both Mika and the band were totally on fire. Even though the venue was not either fancy or stylish it was small, low and intimate and made him (and all of us) sweat so much he had to change his shirt to be able to continue. His voice was a bit tired but he was in a great mood chatting, joking and giving his attention to the crowd and the audience was dancing, jumping, singing and waving glowing hearts during Stardust, Origin, Happy Ending and Underwater. 1000 (the venue capacity) glowing hearts were prepared by the German fans and finished by our whole international fan group during the queueing. The hearts looked actually quite impressive and fit the theme so well, Mika seemed to love them and thanked for them several times.

The best part of show were all the high-energy songs (Relax, Rain, Love Today, Drunk, Celebrate and WAG) and especially Origin with the hearts but also Popular with the the fantastic Munich polkadot choir (at least Marion, Tina, Bubbles, Ruth and her husband were in) and Toy Boy added in the end. Mika did Toy Boy with Max like he did day before in Vienna probably because he haven’t performed it lately and can’t remember the lyrics but Max is somehow so tiny and cute and fits there perfectly.

After the show he said thanks and talked about a few songs he is going to add to the show in the future and was generally very sweet so the MFC group was first saying aww and then collectively awwwww and left home happily smiling (probably also smelling because it was such an incredibly hot night). This was my favorite gig from the tour so far but I don’t have many pics or vids to share (our dancing and the heart waving project took all my attention and I wanted to just enjoy the show). Anyway, I have a lot to tell about the Vienna show in my next post, watch Toy Boy from Munich (with some chatting about the US election) below.