I saw Mika at Paradiso, Amsterdam, last night. A typical, cold Amsterdam weather, lovely company and a small, cozy and intimate venue. A VERY high stage, simple and lovely stage setting, a good, high-energy audience and jet lagged, crazy, even a bit hysterical and very entertaining Mika.

The show was a bit different than usually. The stage was so high that it was at the same level as my nose so I was mostly watching Mika’s shoes (I considered going to the balcony but decided to stay with my friends at front). What can I say. Listening to Stardust live for the first time watching Mika’s beautiful black and white Louboutins is definitely not a bad way to spend a Saturday night. Everything was beautiful.

The show was great, Mika was as charming and funny as he can be and the audience was very responsive. I really enjoyed watching the polkadot choir and think it’s a fantastic idea. I recognized our very own Ingie, Monie and Mona Lisa and the whole choir did well. Thanks everyone for the lovely weekend!