A few words about the venue. Paradiso was a lovely venue, very cozy and even smaller than I thought in advance. The only ”problem” was the extremely high stage. The front row had a very limited view and the stage was resonating (disturbing the sound a bit) but most of the audience had an excellent view and I assume that especially balconies and both sides (a couple of stairs higher than the rest of the floor) offered also a good place to take vids and photos. It was good to see familiar faces again!

I enjoyed seeing the new and very simple stage setting, just two big light squares: one with big M and one with a heart and polkadots.  Mika and the band had their stylish simple outfits (black/grey trousers, white shirts, braces), very much my taste. The polkadot choir was dressed in white outfits with green polkadots reminding me of the disc 2 of the deluxe album and I must say I like the choir idea. It’s already a tradition to have fans on stage and the choir (chosen using audition vids) makes an entertaining addition to the show and is a nice way to have some social media publicity for the shows. The choir members seemed to have the time of their life and looked almost semi-professional after only very little rehearsing (well done everyone!).

Mika was jet lagged so he was tired in a funny, hyper-active way and his chatting was very entertaining and made the audience laugh. He slapped us (fans in the front row) on heads imitating amusement park hammer games (so random!), joked with the band and danced in his own adorable style which I love so much. He started the show with Blame It On the Girls which was a weird choice for the first song. It’s probably the most boring song on the new setlist and would work better in the middle of the set so might be more useful to sacrifice Big Girl, Grace Kelly or even Rain in the beginning of the show as an option for Relax to wake up the audience (so LT, WAG, EMD and Celebrate could be saved as energetic highlights of the show).

The Original setlist looked like this:

Blue Eyes
Billy Brown
Big Girl
Love Today
Happy Ending

He didn’t follow the original list but did Stardust and UW before SITM. I heard Stardust live for the first time and absolutely loved it! My other favorites were Lola, Origin and especially LT and Love You When I’m Drunk, a fantastic energy in both of them. I loved how the boys played LT in a very strong way (okay, Tim is not a “boy” but I call them “the boys”). It’s difficult to explain but I will try to film LT in the near future to show what I mean, it was fantastic and I immediately paid attention. Max was super cute as usual when doing his tadadidadidum in the end of the song and looked really pleased and I bet Mika is a bit jealous because people love that part of the show.

Unfortunately the stage was resonating a bit during UW (my fav song) and the sound was not the best possible (but that was probably only very near the stage). I was worried in advance Mika is too jet lagged to perform his usual level but he did great and the gig was very funny and had an awesome vibe so I felt like partying and really enjoyed the show. I don’t have good quality photos or videos to share but I filmed Stardust to have a memory from the gig, see below.