Finally holding The Origin Of Love (the physical album) in my hands, reading the details, admiring the artwork. It’s a beautiful album, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. So much love in such small (physical) size. Something so exceptional and special. Below the track list for the French edition. Highly recommend watching an interesting interview where Mika tells about making of his new album and some track by track clips about making of each song.

Mika talking about writing songs and making of the album

Origin Of Love (making of Origin Of Love)
Lola (making of Lola)
Stardust (making of Stardust, via Universal France but in English)
Make You Happy
Underwater (making of Underwater)
Kids (making of Kids)
Love You When I’m Drunk
Step With Me (making of Step With Me)
Popular Song (making of Popular)
Heroes (making of Heroes)
Celebrate (making of Celebrate)
Elle Me Dit

Karen (making of Karen, via Universal France, in French)
L’Amour Dans Le Mauvais Temps
Un Soleil Mal Luné
Make You Happy (cherokee remix)
Celebrate (Robbie Rivera remix)
Elle Me Dit (BeatauCue remix)
Make You Happy (LA Edit)
Tah Dah