Mika gig at Castello Sforzesco in Vigevano was a typical, happy Italian Mika gig. I’ve seen several Mika concerts in Italy and always enjoyed them (well, there’s a bit too much screaming for my taste, but I really enjoy the emotional atmosphere). I love meeting Italian fans, Italy as a country and especially traveling to small, pretty Italian towns (Vigevano, Cattolica, Udine).

This time I traveled with my husband and I was very curious to hear his reaction after the show. My husband likes Mika and has seen many of his shows (and enjoyed them a lot) but not for a couple of years so I wanted him to see everything again and also to understand why I love this singer so much. I was happy when he said “yes, I can totally see why you love him, he is still magical and so… charming?”. He is definitely very charming. My husband needed some sleep after driving us from Switzerland during the night so I spent my day near the venue, chatting with people and having a proper lunch (a big thank you to my international friends for their company – I appreciate it that there are people who can understand the importance of good food and a glass of wine).

I missed the name of the local supporting act but I liked them (the whole audience seemed to like them) and as a funny detail they had an artist (who made a painting during their performance) on stage, see below:

I don’t feel like writing any detailed report about this show because I’m not sure I can tell anything really new so I just want to show a few of my favorite parts (filmed by my husband, who wanted to watch the show behind the crowd and took some videos).

SITM (and a few words about his Lebanese grandmother in the beginning). I love it how he seems to have so much fun with the band (3:40 ->):

Blue Eyes – I really enjoy this new version, actually even much more than I enjoyed the old version. And I really like the new band. I don’t want him to change his band again any time soon, everything sounds really fresh and new at the moment. And they can sing so well! I’m not sure who is my favorite, Tim or Curtis (serious vs. cheerful) or maybe Felix or Max. Anyway, the new sound is very good and I love their sense of humor. Amazing how Tim is able concentrate on his playing when Mika is dancing his Blue Eyes dance next to him. I admire his nerves.

Lola – one of my favorite songs from the third album. I absolutely love the part starting 3:42, it makes me really want to do that disco move with my hand.

Underwater – must be my all time favorite song at concerts. Maybe not the best version for this summer but it was lovely, it’s always beautiful. My favorite part is the beginning (until 1:10) and the part “cause all I need is the love you breath…” is actually so beautiful it hurts. Lovely.

And Origin Of Love – such a brilliant and addictive song, I can’t get enough of it. I think I love every single part of this song, from the pretty beginning until thank god that you found me part.