A quick update about last night’s gig. The venue was small and quite intimate, the audience relaxed, almost lazy. Mika was on stage at 10 pm and started with Grace Kelly, without much lights or taking contact with anyone. I thought he wanted to choose the safest possible song to start with, and he continued with Big Girl, BIOTG and Relax without any breaks or chatting. Some new strong sounds in GK, even a bit aggressive but I liked it. After Relax he continued with Billy Brown, still without any contact with the audience and it was quite obvious he wasn’t in a good mood at all.

He admitted he was in a bad mood but feeling better already and SITM was a bit more relaxed and he continued with Blue Eyes, Lola, Rain and Lollipop getting better song after song. He had to obviously work hard for his mood and I think did really well and the audience was very responsive. Underwater was lovely, his voice was beautiful and I thought once again it must be his best song. Heard my favorite Happy Ending for this summer and during Celebrate the audience started to get almost wild. Joy was great and Mika hugged her after the song and after Celebrate he totally had the audience on his side and EMD and Love Today were both fantastic. After WAG he continued directly to Origin Of Love and explained being in a bad mood after some interviews before the show but thanked the audience and was actually really sweet. Someone in the audience had a banner with the text “We want to hug you Mika” and he smiled and told it was the nicest banner ever and went and gave a hug to the person/persons. Origin Of Love was very good, it really gets better night after night and I loved it.

The band was performing a bit smaller than earlier because the stage was really small but Felix seemed to be on fire and joking a lot and I enjoyed watching him because we could actually see him properly (he wasn’t as far away as he usually is). No confetti during WAG or dancers during Lollipop, and the show was shorter than last time, he really wanted to get out of stage as quickly as possible. So it wasn’t as funny or happy as the venue let us expect but I appreciated his honesty and telling us something was bothering him because I prefer honesty over fake cheerfulness any time and it’s not possible to always be happy. I was actually very proud watching how he really tried and managed to make the show work and offered the audience a great evening despite of his own mood. It looked that even the band was relieved to see him happy in the end and I was wondering if it was because all they want to do is make him happy or because their life is easier when he is happy. Either way, in the end of the evening everything seemed to be fine and after the show Mika was actually really chatty even a bit witty.