Park Eana in Normandy was difficult as a venue because it was almost impossible to access without a car. I was lucky to get a drive in Nan’s car. What do you think about her Mika shuttle? Cool?! Loved it!

The venue area was very different than any other venue I’ve seen lately. Mika tweeted pictures of a beautiful old building but all we (the audience waiting outside the area) could see was a country view with fields, cows, horses and other farm animals. There was a goat waiting for an autograph from Mika after the show. I’m not joking, there was a goat! Everything was really pretty and green. It can look weird that someone travels to see the same show in many places but believe me, it’s different every time.

The supporting acts started around 8 pm and the first one was a very entertaining big group of good-looking musicians. I liked listening to them. Well, I wouldn’t pay for it but as a supporting group they were quite good. The problem was that they promoted themselves a bit too aggressively, repeating their name and the Facebook details and it was disturbing. They should have just concentrated on playing because they actually sounded fine (and if people like the band they go and find them without telling). The second supporting act looked and sounded like an old boy band. I had a feeling I want to give them motherly advices. Like, have a haircut, each of you. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. Things like that.

Every show during this festival tour has been very special in their own way and I feel really lucky I have been able to see shows with so many special features and from so many different perspectives. The Tallinn show was probably my favorite, because Mika was happy like a child with the audience and also because it was the first time I heard the new songs (and some of them several times because of the soundcheck). However, the new songs sounded even better in Argeles and I loved the beautiful area. In Nice I had a rare opportunity to watch the backstage life and I really appreciated it. In Vienne the venue was brilliant (one of my favorite venues) and the audience very energetic and I had a fantastic view to see the whole stage, the light show etc.

The Parc Eana show added some extra in many old songs. Actually, Mika has been adding those extras since Tallinn, but there was even more new in Normandy and because I had already heard the songs a few times it was easier to follow everything. I can totally see his point and idea in changing the band and I really like the new details (especially the Curtis parts). Also, the new songs are better night after night, we could hear it very clearly at Parc Eana.

I guess he wasn’t as happy as in Tallinn or as full of energy as in Vienne but he was in a good mood, even chatty, and sounded good so the show was well worth traveling once again. My own mood wasn’t really good (probably because I’ve been traveling and away from home) so I admit I couldn’t enjoy the show like I usually do. I wish I could remember every song well but unfortunately I don’t have any videos so I can’t watch them again. My favorites were the old songs added with Curtis/Max details, hearing Blue Eyes and Karen and especially Lola and Origin Of Love because they sound now better than ever. A couple of pics below.