Very quick update after the Parc Eana show before going to sleep. Firstly, Mika has done more changes to his old songs, even compared to Vienne, so they really feel fresh and new. Very good thing, in my opinion, gives him new color and suits with the other changes. I especially Liked Billy Brown, Blue Eyes, SITM and Love Today. Lollipop with fans on stage was a bit different than in Nice and Vienne, better and worked well. I miss only Happy Ending which isn’t quite as it used to be (it’s still lovely, just not the same). Not that he has added anything or changed the arrangements, I just feel something is missing in HE and I hope we will get it back. Any Other World was even more impressive than usually, starting quietly in the dark, becoming stronger and more massive towards the end. I’ve said this several times, but it’s a great live song, I love it. Secondly, the new songs are getting better and better. Both Lola and Origin Of Love were the best versions I’ve heard and not sure how it’s possible but the Latin part and final chorus in Origin seemed to be more clear and strong (my favorite parts). I also loved Karen and was happy to notice Mika has realized he needs to give more role to Tim (so we were able to observe him a bit better in Blue Eyes and Karen).