A few random pics from my camera. I didn’t take many, just uploaded a few to show his outfit. The whole band looked really stylish and I loved their outfits. We didn’t see any background drawings, maybe it wasn’t possible (so the background was black, and I concentrated on the new songs, which was enough).

I can’t say my favourite moment today. We were able to watch the soundcheck from the other side of the area and I always love it. He did Lola, Underwater, MYH, Rain and a new slow song called “Kids” during the soundcheck. I was almost fainting hearing so many new songs, a total surprise! The gig was crazy and the Estonian audience as good as I expected. Mika was on fire and the band was very good, really, so much more relaxed compared to Lovebox.

Underwater is one of his best songs. Somehow Origin of Love suits very well with it (he did Origin in the end though).  Lola is very different but I really liked it and it made me smile. We didn’t hear “Kids” at the gig. Very curious about the song! MYH was much better than at Lovebox (very different) and I must repeat myself: Celebrate is a great live song even if it’s probably my least favorite new song (still enjoyed it a lot).  Going to check my videos but don’t hold your breath, I was in front of a speaker and the sound was very loud and even a bit broken at times, so not sure about the quality. What a day, loved every moment.