Just a few words. A short but very good Mika show at Lovebox tonight. He performed Relax, Lollipop, Love Today, Make You Happy, Celebrate and Grace Kelly. It was good to hear LT, I had missed it a lot. We heard very different but interesting Lollipop. I think it will be good but maybe needs a couple of more shows to work perfectly? Good to see he is doing some changes in his old songs!

About the new songs, Celebrate worked even better than I had thought, it’s an excellent live song. Make You Happy is my favorite of these two songs, but didn’t give as good live impression as I got from Celebrate (but I couldn’t hear Mika’s voice properly during MYH, so I’m waiting for the next festival in Tallinn to hear it again). Can’t say much about the band yet, would definitely like to hear them introduced. Black and white/grey casual clothes and big, white M-I-K-A letters on a black background, both worked well. He is back! He looks a bit older (like we all) but rocks as always.

I uploaded Celebrate and Make You Happy to give a little taste. The audience was colorful (loved it) and it was good to see so many lovely people (thank you everyone).