Mika dedicated his show at Paléo Festival (in Nyon, Switzerland) to Amy Winehouse, who was found dead at her home in the very same morning. He was replacing Amy at the festival due to her show cancellations (and therefore many people at the festival had originally bought their tickets to see her) so mentioning her name was a respectful and appropriate thing to do. She was a talented young artist and her death was tragical from every point of view so Mika must have been genuinely very upset and shocked. I was worried that replacing AW in this situation would be very difficult for him, but despite of the tragedy the Paléo audience wanted to see a good show and surprisingly Mika did one of his best gigs this year.

The absolutely best thing in this performance was incredible energy circulating from Mika to the huge audience and right back to him. He took a lot of open contact to the whole audience (the place was ideal for a big crowd, it was naturally sloped and the whole crowd could see him and he saw the whole audience).  He seemed to clearly enjoy the easily-responding festival audience and I was happy to see the best versions for a long time of some of his energetic songs like Rain and Love Today. He did his new songs Elle Me Dit and BIOTW but no Karen. Mika seems to feel very comfortable performing together with Ida and it’s was a pleasure as always to see her on stage again. The band was more restrained than usually and gave a lot of space for Mika.

I had the most pleasant and comfortable short visit to Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux and Nyon thanks to Nanou, who generously let me stay at her home and drove me and the other foreign fans around these cities/towns showing some extremely beautiful views. I feel quite stupid admitting that I had no idea how beautiful country Switzerland really is with the lake and mountains. I had a great time indeed, so why do I feel this empty? So many sad news around us and I need some time to rest after traveling.