The best thing in Compiégne was to see so many familiar faces, hadn’t seen most of you for ages, it was absolutely a pleasure to meet everyone again! The new show was incredible. My first thought after the gig was that this must be the most amazing thing Mika has ever created and I still think so. The new Marie Antoinette stage setting is the perfect background for the new fantastic costumes and also his new songs. Seriously, this is the most stunning pop theatre we can find.

The sad thing is that the organization of the show in Compiégne was at a poor level and it had a lot of impact on the atmosphere.The local organizer didn’t promote the gig properly and ended up giving a lot of tickets away for free. I bought my expensive category 1 ticket as soon as the gig was announced but in the end thousands of people with cheaper cat 2, cat 3 or even free tickets were let in before me and everything was a mess. 

The whole situation was chaotic. I couldn’t notice any normal, professional security, only young girls and a couple of armed men with dogs. All the gates were opened at the same time, the organizers didn’t care if people had queued or not, and the situation was not only unfair but also dangerous – some of my friends needed medical help in the crowd.

Despite all this the show went really well. Mika was a bit nervous during it. I don’t know if he knew what was happening in the crowd or if he was only concentrating on his own performance and was nervous because of some technical problems. Personally I couldn’t see the show properly in Compiégne and was momentarily disappointed but for me it was only one show (I saw the same show the next day in Liege and it was so awesome). The situation just made me angry because I want better for Mika.

I was really happy I was there. Not only because I met so many friends but also because I really wanted to hear the new songs for the first time and I really wanted to see this beautiful historical venue and it was even more special than I expected. I totally fell in love with Karen. The new show is spectacular, can’t wait to describe everything in my Les Ardentes gig review, he was in the best possible form in Belgium.