I was hesitating a bit before traveling to Portugal to see Festa das Lata (10/2010) because it’s not the easiest destination to travel from Finland, the flights were expensive, and this was not a regular gig but a festival. I didn’t know any local fans and Portugal is not a familiar place to me, but I still decided to go in the end. I really wanted to see this one. It was the last possible gig for me before a long break, it felt important to travel and I was very happy I did it.

It was a great gig. There were some drunken students (it was a kind of student party/festival) and Mika performed very, very late. I didn’t mind. I was so happy to see him on stage. He must have been a bit tired but he did well. I met some old MFC friends and had a lot of fun. The vids below are Happy Ending and Rain.

This is the last concert memory I need to post, because the Coimbra gig was the last concert I saw before the Kettner’s Magic Number gig so I will label new concert posts as “gig reviews”. Waiting feels unbearable, I hope there will be more soon.